Know Apple’s iPhone 5 Inside And Out â?? Review

Apple's A6 Chip iPhone 5 Processor

Apple’s A6 Chip iPhone 5 Processor

Apple’s iPhone 5 has brilliant exterior finishing and endurable performance. It also provides a great experience to the users for those who want to have top quality smartphone user interaction.

Even though the iPhone 5 from Apple gives a great experience to the users, is it really worth it for that cost . Will it attract Indian customers? Let us discuss this in this review.

The iPhone 5 is bigger than its ancestors and yet lighter than all of them. It is also smarter than all the previous models released by iPhone. It is true to some arguments that the iPhone 5 does not provide any new features that can surprise iPhone lovers. Apple has taken the step not to diverge its market place and hence it has added new features that do not alter the user interface and the core elements of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s. To make the Apple iPhone users excited, the iPhone 5 has come with new features that sum up to 200 in number.

Shape and Weight

As it is known, the Apple iPhone 5 is lighter, larger and more lovable than the predecessors. It weight is only a little above one hundred grams with the dimensions of 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm. Now with these dimensions it becomes easy to handle the phone single handedly. Aluminum and glass in a combined finish gives it a gorgeous look and a durable finish. With its front side camera, you can make video calls with ease. The device supports a 3.5 mm jack for audio output at the bottom, which makes it look similar to an iPod touch.

iPhone 5 â?? Display

The iPhone 5 provides the largest display of 4 inches amongst all the mobile phones. Even though the pixel strength is similar to the immediate ancestor, the 326ppi is enough to give a better clarity pictures and videos for this dimension. Even though the screen size is increased, it still lets you to use the mobile just with one of your hands. You are also provided with a LED backlight which will help you in times of darkness.

Capture The World With Iphone 5

The major advancement of iPhone 5 is with respect to the camera it is using. It has a primary camera on the backside with the highest resolution of 8 mega pixels. It also has a secondary camera at the front side so as to help with video calling. In the previous versions, the front camera was not to a high definition. But, in the iPhone 5 the front camera is also a high definition camera with a resolution of 1.2 mega pixels. This enables you to have a great call quality with respect to video calls. The camera is also very good at capturing videos. The videos taken by this camera can be seen on a high definition television just as it can be seen on your mobile phone.
So the bottom-line is, the new iPhone 5 is worth the money spent on it if the new features incorporated with it are considered.



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