Is It Cool To Like Star Wars Now?

You look around these days and thereâ??s one thing thatâ??s noticeable is that it seems like a lot more people are openly celebrating their love for Star Wars.

Hardcore devotion to the sci-fi franchise might not seem so strange, but itâ??s not just nerds and geeks that wear Star Wars T-Shirts and post stuff on their social network pages, itâ??s also hipsters, jocks and even girls. Yes, you read that right, girls â?? and not just frumpy, awkward ladies. Is Star Wars becoming cool to like?

Why Do So Many People Like Star Wars?

The Original Star Wars TrilogyHardcore devotion to Star Wars was originally a pursuit of nerds or people with too much time on their hands, but it seems like this stereotype is beginning to fade away. Although maybe this isnâ??t too surprising when you consider how popular the sci-fi franchise actually is. The films were warmly received by casual audiences and have always been family friendly. Many kids all grew up with both Star Wars trilogies being a vital part of their young lives. Thatâ??s over two generations of adults and teens that have been touched by the films. The enduring popularity of Star Wars is mostly fed by nostalgia, and itâ??s quite natural for even the most serious of adults to want to indulge their inner child. This is a phenomenon not just unique to Star Wars, but also their new parent company, Disney and game company Nintendo.

Maybe it really isnâ??t that big of a mystery why Star Wars should be considered cool to like, whereas once it was nerdy. The films possess mass appeal and have been enjoyed by casual sci-fi audiences, not just your stereotypical fantasy fan. Star Wars even defied predictions by many film publishers that it would flop and movie audiences wouldnâ??t be interested in George Lucasâ?? space opera.  Few other fantasy or sci-fi franchises, bar Tolkienâ??s Lord of the Rings, have had the same impact on culture. Star Wars is huge business, and itâ??s definitely not just kids and geeks keeping it going and allowing it to endure decades of popularity.

Indulging in a small amount of Star Wars is mostly accepted though, not just because of nostalgia, but because mainstream culture has affirmed its presence. Star Wars has appeared in one form or another in almost every major television show, from Friends to Family Guy, and been referenced or lampooned in other films. Famous celebrities arenâ??t shy about making it known theyâ??re fans and this constant reinforcement that itâ??s OK to be a Star Wars nut within the mainstream cultural sphere is comforting for those who may have been a little embarrassed to say in front of colleagues that they have a thing for lightsabers and stormtroopers.

Star Wars For Hipsters?

Star Wars Fans In CostumeThe apparent â??coolnessâ?? of Star Wars may also be an effect of the geek chic phenomenon that has taken over pop culture. Nerdy stuff has less of a social stigma attached to it and comic books, video games and TV shows such as The Big Bang Theory are very much in vogue. Naturally, this has also meant Star Wars has been given a free pass. However, much of the geek chic style is ironic and seen as a fad, so likewise Star wars may only be socially acceptable because it has been deemed so by the fashion overlords and eventually it might no longer be trendy anymore.

But what of the real hardcore Star Wars nerds that have been rabid in their passion and support of the franchise for decades? There are likely mixed feelings of validation and also protectiveness. Finally, after years of rejection and being considered a little weird, the Star Wars fans can be free to express their passion without being judged. However, they might also feel a little miffed that what made them so special and unique is now a status symbol for hipsters. The hardcore shouldnâ??t be so precious about Star Warsâ?? popularity though, because at the very least, anyone with a passing interest in the sci-fi series is probably a casual fan of the movies and not the expanded universe of books, games, comics and fan culture which makes the Star Wars fandom so unique. That part of being a fan should be safe from trendies.

Star Wars has never been cooler than right now, but itâ??s hard to see why this should be seen as a negative thing. The hardcore fans should no longer feel like weirdos for indulging in what they love and the sci-fi franchise is getting the respect and mass popularity itâ??s always deserved. Yes, Star wars is cool, but in doing so it has lost none of its nerdy spirit â?? which is the perfect compromise.


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