Iranian Nuclear Facility Thunderstruck with Malware

Iranian Nuclear Facility Malware Attack

Hackers and cybercriminals are quickly becoming the bane of just about anyone who uses a computer who isnâ??t a hacker.

The crimes can range from stealing financial information and personal information to incorporating malware and spyware. Sometimes, the crimes are quite serious and could lead to potential disasters. Other times the crimes have a strange combination of hilarity and danger, such as the cyber attack recently carried out against an Iranian uranium enrichment plant. The attack reportedly shut down computers and then blasted the song â??Thunderstruckâ? by AC/DC.

The Line Between Humor and Danger

Scientists at the facility let people know what was happening immediately, even though they werenâ??t sure what was causing the issue. They are nuclear scientists and do not have the required computer forensics training that it would take to understand the intricacy of the attack. The virus was able to turn off the automation network of the Natanz and Fordow facilities.

It isnâ??t funny because of the danger involved â?? after all, it was a nuclear facility. However, itâ??s easy to see the reason that some people do find it quite humorous for the sheer absurdity of it. AC/DC playing loudly and abruptly in the middle of the night in a facility run by scientists can evoke a giggle in just about everyone. Even though the scientists were unsure of what happened, they do have a cyber security team looking into the matter.

Malware Attack - Iran

What Do the Cyber Experts Say?

The cyber experts who do have the computer forensics training believe hackers using Metasploit, a hacking tool, were at the heart of the problem. They were able to get on to the VPN, or virtual private network, which is usually quite secure. Once they were able to shut down the network, thatâ??s when â??Thunderstruckâ? began to play.

Securing facilities of this type is vital no matter where they might be located in the world and no matter what type of research they are doing. The fact that cyber criminals were able to hack into the system with relative ease is unsettling. Where else might those criminals be able to strike? What is someone had something a bit more dangerous than some AC/DC music on the agenda?

As you can see, having a cyber security team is vital, and even then, hackers are able to exploit holes in the system. If governments, businesses, and facilities want true security, they are going to need to have help from those with the best computer forensics training.

Who is Behind the Attacks?

Itâ??s possible that the perpetrator could be just about anyone, even our own government. In the past â?? last month in fact – the Washington Post reported that Israel and the United States created a virus called Flame. This virus mapped and monitored computer networks in Iran. Countries around the world, including the United States have been the victim of these types of cyber attacks before, and they do not show signs of slowing. As technology marches forward, techniques for spying and gaining information on other nations evolves along with it. One should expect to see more of these types of problems in business, government facilities, and other locations in all nations in the coming years. Computers are here to stay, and so are cyber criminals.

If you want to become a part of the fight against these types of criminals, then you will want to have computer forensics training. You can learn to trace where the viruses came from, how to close security holes in networks, and much more. The training that you can receive at a school offering the program can ensure that you have a bright future.

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