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This Yoga HD version is the fully paid version of ARAWELLA’s excellent suite of yoga pose base and program based apps. It simply has everything you need to become immersed in becoming healthy and fit with a balanced mind through practising yoga.

The Yoga free apps from ARAWELLA are great. However, if you buy the fully paid version you will be in for a surprise, as there is a lot to this app. If you are thinking of practising yoga or increasing your skills in yoga, I can tell you now that this app is the only app you’ll ever need.

The colour scheme to the graphics in the app have been very well thought out. The developer has used a blend of pink, blues and purples to produce the soothing graphics that you notice upon opening up the app. Exercises in the pose base come with videos, pictures, instruction and a muscle group diagram to help you recognise which muscles are brought into play with each pose. There are also extra poses in addition to the ones you will find in Yoga Free.

The main screen is very clearly laid out with options to enter the pose base, or programs as well as accessing the calendar and options menus.

The calendar is really handy, not just for planning your next yoga workout, but also in tracking your progress. Each completed workout day will show up as a yellow flower and if you click on this flower your chosen difficulty level, start time and the duration of the workout are shown. At the bottom of the calendar you’ll notice an inspirational quote appears, such as ‘Breathe deeply and no one can put you in a cage.’

When you go into the ‘My Programs’ option there are ‘Quick Recipes’ with ready-made routines for you to get going as quickly as possible. There is an added surprise when you click on ‘Quick Recipes’ as you will see a whole host of different routines. So many routines in fact that you have to scroll the screen along to view them all. What’s neat is that each routine is neatly lined up in three different skill level categories, ‘Beginner’, ‘Intermediate’, ‘advanced’ and ‘guru’ levels.

There is in-app music or you can even use your own music from your personal playlists.

My personal preferred workout is the ‘Shakti Yoga Stretching’ routine as my flexibility is terrible. In fact, if I jumped straight into the ‘guru’ section I’d probably end up in hospital. So having stretching exercises at different levels will really help me gain some much needed subtleness and flexibility. When I went through this stretching routine I was surprised at how much concentration I needed to have and the fact that it was far from easy for me. A real challenge. I have only previously been used to using weights and aerobic exercises.

As well as viewing routines by level, you can also view routines that align to your goal. So when I clicked upon goal, I immediately saw goals that included ‘Balance’, ‘Flexibility’, ‘Strong back’, ‘Joint warm-up’, ‘Breathing exercises’, ‘Fitness’ and also ‘De-stress’ routines.

These routines are enough to keep me going for a long time yet. If you find yourself wanting even more exercises you can upgrade to ‘Premium’ pro-level, which will give you even more routines and poses. When you upgrade to pro-level, which is not expensive, you get a yoga magazine with fascinating articles, where you also can add custom poses and get more in-app music options. There is no pressure to upgrade to the premium version, as it’s entirely optional and if you decide not to there is still all you’ll ever need in this app. It is a comprehensive app to say the least.

There is even a virtual personal yoga trainer at hand in this app, where you enter your personal parameters, such as your age, weight, goal, level and preferred routine duration. When you click the ‘Find Program’ button a routine is automatically generated for you. What amazed me is that my age and weight automatically showed up ?! This freaked me out as the app must somehow be interacting with other apps where I have inputted my weight and age. How the programmers did this I don’t know, but it is impressive.

‘Fast Mode’ is a really handy option, as in this mode you can create your very own personally made yoga program. Here you just input your program’s name and choose poses from the pose base. This is really handy if you really get into yoga and want to concentrate on specific poses.

So, if you’ve never done yoga before, what are the benefits of yoga? There are many. Too many to list in fact, but here are just a few of the benefits in following a regular yoga routine with All-in Yoga . . .

1) Reduced blood pressure

2) Improved circulation

3) A stronger immune system

4) A more efficient metabolism

5) Improved posture

6) Keeps your weight in check

7) Improved posture and core strength

8) Reduces cholesterol

9) Better muscle tone

10) Stress reduction

In fact, the list goes on and on. If you want to look at a full list of 77 benefits of yoga, you can.

So, in a nutshell, I’d have to say that this app is now one of my favourite fitness apps of all time. Not only is it comprehensive, it is an easy to use program which you can download and start following straight away. The app teaches you the correct movements and has routines for beginners right up to ‘guru’ level. So whether you are a complete beginner who has never done yoga in their life, like me, or an experienced yoga fan, this is the app for you. The price of the app isn’t much and it’s worth investing in your body. Many people invest in their car or wide screen TVs etc. but neglect their body.

Increase your body’s health and vitality to its full potential with ‘All-in YOGA HD: 300 Poses & Yoga Classes’. The app is up at a knock down price of under $1. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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Hi, Kevin here with an app review for All-in YOGA HD: 300 Poses & Yoga Classes by the ARAWELLA CORPORATION.

This app is all you will ever need, full stop, if you are thinking about practising yoga. This app is jam-packed with functionality and features, as you’ll see.


Here we are on the main screen of All-in Yoga and what strikes me is the well thought out colour scheme here and also the very easy to navigate set up of the main screen too.

We have ‘My Programs’ to search for routines or make up your own, a pose base, calendar, together with options and more.

We’ll first look at the ‘Pose Base’ . . .


As you can see, there is a wealth of different poses to choose from here. There are extra poses when compared to Yoga FREE including over 30 breathing exercises.


There is a choice of accessing a list of poses for beginners, if you are just starting out practising yoga going up to intermediate, advanced and even guru level poses.



There is written instruction, a video, a photo and even a muscle group diagram to see which muscles you are bringing into play on each pose.




In ‘My Programs’ you will really be in for a treat. There are three categories contained within ‘My Programs’ – ‘Quick Recipe’, ‘Personal Yoga Teacher’ and Fast Mode. You can also view your favourite ready-made routines and also any self-made routines that you have made up.


‘Quick Recipe’ is all about selecting ready made routines where you can just click and go. Here you can see that there is a wealth of different routines to choose from.



You can choose between viewing the routines by level, your goal or premium routines which we’ll talk about later in this review. There are currently over 40 pre-made routines to choose from.



In the calendar we can see a  yellow flower which is a workout I’ve completed previously.


I can view my program’s name, level, start time and the duration. What’s neat about this calendar is that an inspirational quote pops up below the calendar every time you open up the calendar.


We’ll just talk about the premium upgrade option here. First of all, this app is comprehensive. Everything you could possibly need is in this app believe me. You don’t have to purchase upgrades to make the app complete. The option that this app does give you however is a premium upgrade if you get to an advanced level and get deeply into yoga and wish to have pro options.

There are extra programs if you upgrade to premium, which is on top of the huge selection that there is already, more music options and the ability to add custom poses, as well as a yoga magazine.


Contained within the magazine are many useful articles. The big plus to upgrading to premium is the ability to add your own poses to the pose database which makes the whole app almost entirely customisable.


I’ll start a routine here so that you can get an idea of what following a set made routine will be like.



There is live support in the app for free if you have any questions. You can even send your self-made poses or routines to your friend’s device in the premium upgrade. You can download yoga content separately through iTunes to the app. You can even edit the ready-made routines within All-in Yoga.


There are so many benefits to following a yoga routine, such as reduced blood pressure, reduced stress levels as well as an improved metabolism and immune system.


Personally, my stretching abilities are really poor, so I’m interested primarily in the stretching based poses and routines which will really help me.

In conclusion, I was really impressed with the massive amount of extra functions, routines and programs within the paid version of ARAWELLA’s suite of yoga apps. For such a small price you really do get everything you will ever need for practicing yoga. You can download Yoga Free to get a taster for this app, but again, I’d highly recommend the very fairly priced paid version.

If you took yoga classes, just think of the travelling time to the classes you’d have to put in, petrol costs, and also the cost of each session. In fact, if you attended a yoga class, I wouldn’t mind betting that you’d be spending 5 times the price of this app just for one yoga session.

So give this app a go if you are serious about improving your health as it’s one of the most impressive apps out there for exercising.

That’s all from me reviewing ‘All-in YOGA: 300 Poses & Yoga Classes’ by the ARAWELLA CORPORATION. Thank you for watching.



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