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With so many televisions on the market these days and one seeming to come out every few months that promises new features, updated performance and all other sorts of things; it can be quite difficult to figure out exactly what you need.

At the end of the day, no matter what other people say, there are TVs that are going to work for you 100% and other that just don’t fit your lifestyle.

The best bit of advice we can give you is to make sure you do your homework, and know what you are getting yourself into beforehand because a TV is one of those pretty big purchases that you are going to be kicking yourself over if you don’t get exactly what it is you’re looking for.

Know Your Price Range

This is one of the things we don’t quite understand why but people tend to overlook. While you may think you know what you’re looking for and have an idea of exactly what you want; if you aren’t budgeting yourself, you are probably going to end up getting a TV that is much more expensive than you had intended and it’s probably going to have things you don’t truly need, want or will ever use. At the end of the day, you only want to spend what you can afford so the whole experience comes out being as positive and enjoyable as possible.

Consider Which Features You Cannot Live Without

With so many features available on TVs these days, you definitely want to take a look at your options and figure out if there are specific things that you just can’t imagine living without. For instance, do you have a problem with remembering to turn off your set on a regular basis? There are actually televisions that can help you with that because they track movement in the room and if no one is in the area, they will turn off on their own.

Many TVs these days can do a lot more for you than just bring you your favorite programs. For instance, a large number of them can now access the internet and even have applications similar to those you would find on a smart phone. So, you can watch TV, surf the web, update your Facebook status and play mini-games all from the comfort of your couch and enjoy them on the big screen.

Compare HD and 3D

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few years, then you probably have noticed a huge demand for 3D devices. Not only do movie theatres now show 3D films, but you can actually bring the entertainment to the comfort of your home. Keep in mind, in order to watch HD or 3D, you need to have compatible devices such as the proper Blu-Ray or 3D player. So, make sure you keep that in mind when making your selections because that makes prices vary quite drastically.

Choosing the Proper Screen Size

Screen size is extremely important. You must take a few things into consideration. First of all, how far away are you going to be from the set? If you only have a few feet to spare, you do not want to go for something that is 72 inches. This is going to be a strain on your eyes and difficult for you to see the entire screen. Every TV comes with instructions on how far away you should be and the best location for you to sit when viewing.

What are You Going to Use the TV For?

What you plan on using your new set for has a lot to do with your choice. Are you going to use it for your children in the spare bedroom, or is it going to be the main TV that everyone crowds around every single evening? Are you going to play your Xbox on it? These are all things to consider. If you enjoy a lot of fast-paced programming or games, you should definitely go with HD because everything is going to be much clearer that way.

Consider TVs that Save Energy to Save You Money and the Environment

These days, more and more products out there are coming ENERGY STAR qualified. This means, not only are you going to have a great opportunity to save yourself some extra cash but you will also be doing a huge favor for the environment. A lot of the times these sets actually last a lot longer and are quite affordable. Some ENERGY STAR products can be used towards your taxes as write offs so it’s definitely something for you to consider when trying to make the absolute best decision for you and the rest of your family.

The author of the article is Robert Mardling who is a techophile and loves reviewing the latest gadgets. He often writes guest posts for Capital Building Contractors, providers of complete solutions for home design in Melbourne.

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