How to Properly Execute the Perfect Prank

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Pick Your Prank and Victim

The first and most vital part of pulling the perfect prank is finding the right prank to pull on the right person. First you must think of someone who you would like to prank, usually a close friend or family member that you have access to pull a prank on. If you are looking for a good reaction find a victim with a short temper, but be aware that this could put you in a very dangerous situation when the victim realizes you’re the perpetrator.

Once you have found your victim that you would like to tantalize, you need to find a prank that will suit them best. There are many different gags that can be found online on stores like If your victim is a lottery fanatic, I would recommend the gag lottery ticket. For spouses or girlfriends the fake confirmed pregnancy test will surely get a great reaction. The best pranks include a bit of originality so adding your own flare to your prank is a necessity. Creativity is a big key to pulling the perfect prank.

Prepare To Pull The Prank

Whatever prank you decide to pull, you need to make sure you are prepared and ready to follow through with it. If you prank requires some kind of setup make sure you do so in complete secrecy and stealth, because the element of surprise is one of the most important factors of prank pulling. If your victim becomes aware of your intentions then your cover is blown and your prank is useless. It is best to hide all emotions before the prank to keep suspicion down; uncontrollable laughter is a dead giveaway of a coming prank.

Execution of the Prank

Now that you have decided on the perfect prank and set-up all the preparation necessary it is now time to execute your prank. The execution of your prank should be nice and smooth if you prepared correctly. Find a good spot to observe your work in action, sit back, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. For the best reactions you may want to milk your victims anger or excitement, but be aware that once your victim realizes you pulled the prank there is a high chance of retaliation. I recommend having some form of protection or a quick exit route for your safety once you are found out.

Written By George Zimmerman – Ultimate Prankster and staff writer at

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  1. When I was younger, one of my friends had multiple love bites on his neck and was wearing a scarf. We told him that he could get ‘bluespread’, which is a disease we made up, saying that it spreads after multiple love bites, eventually resulting in a huge birthmark which could be up to several feet in diameter.
    He went to the doctor about his concerns and wouldn’t speak to use for about a week. He did get me back with a good prank though, he said that a pretty thick set rugby playing guy (that I’d seen around but had never spoke to) was after me for a fight lol.

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