How To Make Boring Things Interesting

If you have a single creative bone in your body, you know that even the dullest objects can be a source of great ideas and entertainment. If you don`t, well, you better keep reading.

It only takes fifteen seconds to go from dishwashing to good old fashioned fun

Fifteen seconds and a straw that is. And before you say you`re not a child anymore and you don`t have time for sully games, please, do the following- mix one part dishwashing liquid, two parts water, stir well with a straw and blow a bubble. Just one. Doesn`t it feel good? Are you smiling right now? Point made. Now continue having a good time.

Candles! Candles everywhere!

No one can deny their charm. They can be romantic, classy and cheerful. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and so do candleholders. The thing about candleholders is that while there are some insanely expensive models out there, it will only take you a minute to create your own, which will be equally beautiful and original.

Suggestion 1: Set the mood with some floating flames. Take a tall glass and put a few of those shell you collected during your vacation or some pebbles from the garden in it. Add a flower or a green leaf to make it more colorful. Pour water to let`s say an inch from the edge, take a tea candle out of its tin coat and gently place it on the surface. Don`t try to submerge it, just let it float and be careful not to get the upper side wet, or you have problems with lighting it.

Suggestion 2: Take an apple and carve a hole exactly on its top. Nothing large, just big enough to hide a tea candle. Insert the candle, light it and enjoy the fresh apple scent that will spread as soon as the wax heats up a bit.

Voila, two fast and easy candleholders that will surely get the ovations of your family and guests.

Never let a crate or a wooden pallet go to waste

Never ever. Unless you`ve been living under a rock for the last year or so, there`s a good chance you`ve heard of how designers and DIY enthusiasts have found ways to turn them into amazing pieces of furniture. It does make a lot of sense when you think about it. For one thing, you`ll rarely see expensive, sensitive item transported into anything else than packing crates. Why? Because these things are made to endure pretty much everything and last forever. Plus, that weathered look of the wood itself is not something you can say â??noâ? to. It`s like it has a story to tell and all you have to do is sit down and listen. And vintage never goes out of fashion, so there`s that.

If you need a more practical take on the subject- think of this as recycling. Why throw away perfectly good material, when it can be reborn as virtually indestructible, rugged, but at the same time stylish shelves, shoe racks, desks, chairs, tables, even beds and wardrobes.

Do yourself a favor, open a new tab on your browser and search â??pallet and crate furnitureâ?. You`re bound to get an itch in the hands or at least some fresh ideas.

Ruth Scruton is hipster designer wannabe who writes for PHS Teacrate, the crate hire company to call every time you need to get quality packing crates, wooden or plastic food pallets delivered.

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