How to Handle Bar Brawls

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Get a bunch of men together in a sports bar and ply them with drinks. As soon as the games heat up, you will notice the testosterone level of the bar becomes more charged. More often than not, this will end up in a bar brawl, with one group taunting the other. If you get caught up in this situation, what will you do?

Get Out of the Bar

If you and your group are not directly involved in the bar brawl, then it’s best that you leave the bar immediately. Leave the fighting, lest you become embroiled in the fight. You most definitely don’t want to end up in the middle of the altercation.

Diffuse the Situation

On the unfortunate chance that you or your friends are already involved, then you have to do everything in your power to diffuse the situation. Ignore the other group even if they’re already taunting you for being a coward or calling you names. If they can’t be ignored, then calmly talk to them to stop.

If possible, you could also try talking to the more sober friends of your opponent. Try to make them see reason, and try to get them to make their friends stop and see reason as well. You’ll be surprised to know that, just like you, they also want to avoid bar brawls.

The important thing that you have to remember is to not fight back. Fighting back can put you and your friends into a lot of trouble.

Ask for Help

If the other group won’t stop and they still continue to provoke your group to fight, then seek help. You can approach the bartender and tell him of the problem. More often than not, bartenders have ways of diffusing a rather volatile situation.

If this still doesn’t get the other group to stop, then have one of your friends look for the bouncers. Bouncers are there in the bars for a reason, the most common of which is to prevent fights or to break up altercations. They can kick the other group out of the bar to ensure the safety of all customers.

Act Decisively

If you’ve exhausted all options and they’re still after you and your friends, then leave the bar. It’s better to leave the bar unscathed than to exchange blows with the other group. Not only can this land you or one of your friends in the hospital, but you could also end up hurting one of your opponents, prompting him to go to the hospital.

If you happened to send one of them to the hospital, then you should know that he can legally file an assault and battery case against you. It doesn’t matter if they started the fight. As long as you laid a hand on another person with the intention of hurting him, you can end up facing a lawsuit.

If your opponent filed a case against you and you were arrested, then you need to act fast. Call a criminal defense lawyer, look for witnesses who can attest to your innocence and that you were only defending yourself, and more importantly, work with your lawyer.


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Bar Brawl Video of Real Bar Fight

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  1. Good advice on a tricky situation. I would find it hard if anyone were cruel to my partner, then I think all rules would go out of the window. However, if someone was trying to start a fight with me personally or the group I’m in, these suggestions are great tips 🙂

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