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In todayâ??s world, there are always new technological innovations in hardware, software, networking and more.  These innovations are almost always created to give us better access to the information we want.

The best way to deliver personalized information via the internet is to source the correct information rapidly and efficiently.  There are many software programs that have been created to sift through the internet to find the information you want to see but most of these programs have not seen much success.

The Information Sourcing Dilemma

Initially it may seem that the way to properly source relevant information is to go to the site where that information originates from.  For instances, if you are looking for technology news you will likely search through technology forums, companies, blogs and websites.  This works to some extent but because there is such a large number of sites like this it becomes impossible to do this every single day.  Similarly, if you want to see what happened in the market then you may look at the NYSE, Dow Jones, NASDAQ and financial news sources to find this information.  However, it becomes quite difficult to analyse this data so that you can actually use it for your business.

Many studies have been done by top software companies about the subject of information sourcing.  More specifically, these studies have tried to find the best way to source information that is important to the user and how to deliver that information directly to the user without much effort required on the userâ??s part.  Of course it seems misleading to state that the user does not have to participate in the process but that is part of the information sourcing challenge.  The ultimate goal is to create software with the intelligence to predict a userâ??s preferences in a reliable way.  This type of software would change the lives of any people who search the web for specific information â?? from casual browsers to business people.

The Arrival of Intelligent Software

Many people are familiar with the creation and decline of the Google Reader.  This software program received both positive and negative reviews.  Other similar products have also received the same mixed sentiment including traditional RSS feeds.  An RSS feed allows you to register with a particular website and receive updates from that site on topics you care about.  At first this seems to be reasonable way to manage the information on the Internet.

One of the disadvantages of an RSS feed is that you need to constantly maintain the feeds to it your interests.  For instances, if your preferences or interests change you will need to manually unsubscribe to the RSS feed you lost interest in. This can be very time-consuming and frustrating as it takes time away from viewing the information you want to see.  So then if Google Reader is no longer around and RSS feeds have so many problems, what other options are there for information sourcing?  The answer is Genieo and the revolutionary Startpage.

The Solution: Genieo Software and Startpage

No software program is perfect â?? each has its own problems and glitches whether it is free or you have to purchase.  Fortunately, the Genieo Startpage is one of the most ground-breaking software programs to hit the market in the past few years.  This program does what may seem to be impossible â?? it actively adjusts to your changing interests to only give you the information you want to see.  This software is based on artificial intelligence and it is able to predict and analyse your changing preferences.  Best of all is that this program needs very little effort from you.  You just need to start browsing and watch your customized Startpage fill with information that matters to you.  You can even use this program on your iPhone or Android-powered mobile device.

The software is based on complex and advanced algorithms which identify and predict your interests.  These algorithms have been thoroughly tested and adjusted to give you the best browsing experience possible.  This software program is completely safe, secure and can be installed in just a few short moments.  There is no malware, spyware, viruses or other malicious software attached.  This innovative startpage allows you to get all the information you want and need from your top social media sites, sports sites, new sites and other websites on a single page.

Brett Chatz is a graduate of the Economics and Management Faculty at Unisa University. He completed his post-graduate studies at the University of Haifa, Israel.

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