How Information Technology Has Changed

How Information Technology Has Changed

Information Technology is used in our everyday lives and in more ways than most people probably even realize.

Technology has completely taken over the world, and it’s hard to go anywhere or do anything without using technology in some form or another along the way.

It is what allows us to communicate with our friends and family members who live around the globe. It is a way to keep track of information for businesses as well as personal, everyday use. As technology advances, we are able to access and send information from all kinds of devices such as cell phones, E-Readers and even portable gaming consoles. Devices are all starting to become very similar these days, and it’s really bringing the world together quite nicely. One day, it wouldn’t surprise us if we only needed a single device to get everything done for us. This could include starting our microwave, our car, turning on our lights at home and so forth.

Today we are going to discuss the beginnings of this Information Technology so you can get a better idea as to just how much it has changed and how far it has the potential of going. We are excited for the future because technology just seems to keep getting better and better with age. Who knows what crazy things we’ll be able to do in the near future!

It All Started with Words

Did you know technically Information Technology can be traced back to the very first printed words. Computer and Information Technology as we know it today did not come about until the 1980s. Graphical User Interfaces came about during this time, which allowed people to access their information in brand new ways. This meant the use of a screen as we know them today and the ability to maneuver and click on items to get them to do what we need. (Open and close windows, and so forth). Around this time is when color was introduced onto computers as well, which was a turning point for standard graphics; allowing users to share information like never before. In the past all that existed was a little bit of text and black and white as the only color options.

Apple and Microsoft

Both Apple and Microsoft were founded in the mid 1970s. Their rivalry made all sorts of technology upgrades possible. They were constantly trying to outdo one another with their program and system updates. Over the years, all of these updates have made many wonderful things possible including the use of 3D, an enhancement in video games and movies that many people would have never thought possible. Because of Apple and Microsoft and their amazing technology updates and advancements, there have been more changes in technology in the past 10 years than in the previous 100 years.

From Single Computers to Networks

In the past, information could only be sent and received from one computer to the next but these days, networks are commonly used. This is what allows you to communicate with people around the globe, keep in touch with your boss and upload data, which is received within a mere seconds of being sent. Networks are what allow companies to share their data to an entire group of individuals at any given time, which can be not only shared, but edited as well as saved and moved.

A World without Internet

Did you know, without Information Technology, there would be no such thing as the internet? The internet is so far reaching these days; it’s hard to imagine a world without it. I mean, the internet is not only available on computers anymore. It is also commonly on cell phones, E-Readers and many other devices as well. Could you imagine not being able to get things done on the go and randomly use Google while you are waiting somewhere for your doctor’s appointment or sitting at lunch.

What the Future Holds

It’s hard to say exactly what the future holds when it comes to Information Technology, but we have a pretty good idea. It’s going to get more and more easier to communicate. Sharing files is going to probably almost happen instantaneously. Who knows; one day you may not even need a keyboard. Some day we may just have to think something and the action will be completed on our screens right before our eyes without the need for a single button to be pressed. As long as we have companies such as Apple and Microsoft working hard for us, we are going to live in a very exciting world.

We are excited to get to experience all these changes as they occur because there is nothing quite like having a front row seat when it comes to these wonderful technological advancements.

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