How A Corporate Mobile Plan Can Save And Make Your Business Money

The recent economic downturn has made business a lot more stressful for business owners. Now they find themselves working much longer hours, yet they are finding that they are earning a much lower amount of cash.

The reality is that instead of trying to increase turnover, they should focus solely on profit. Profit doesnâ??t always mean selling more. Sometimes, just being more productive with time and reducing costs can have a positive impact on how a business is operating.

Why Should Employees Have A Mobile?

Mobile phones are incredibly important. For most employees, there will be times in the working week when they are out of the office. This might be to get some supplies, or to meet with a client. Either way, when they are travelling, they are essentially wasting time. If they have a mobile with them, especially a smartphone then they are much more likely to be able to use their time productively. The great thing is that these phones will allow them to make and take calls, as well as do tasks online.

What About The Cost Of These Phones?

The cost is by far outweighed by the fact that the productivity of the employee is produced. Assume each hour of their time creates £25 in revenue. If they are able to do 1 hours work per month, then they will have paid for the corporate mobile phone contract anyway. For most employees it is likely that they will be able to work for an extra hour per day. Even if it is basic tasks such as answering emails, this is something that they do not have to do in the office. Essentially, the business will be able to be much more productive on the whole. They will not have to spend more cash on employees, simply because the current ones are not working productively.

Here is the good thing; contract service providers love their corporate clients. In comparison to a personal mobile phone deal, they are likely to offer some great discounts. In fact, the discounts could be as high as 30%. Imagine if you have 10 or 20 contracts, this is a huge saving. In fact, this is great for something that is making the business produce more cash. It is worth comparing the deals from different service providers by using a comparison website. Comparison websites will allow you to directly compare cost and features, to ensure that you choose the very best deal for your employees.

Where To Buy Phones?

Here is where it gets even better; you donâ??t even have to buy any phones. A contract service provider will usually do bundle deals. So alongside the minutes and texts that they will be giving you every single month, they will also give you a phone for each employee as well. The type of phone will have a direct effect on the price. For instance, a £400 might make the contract £45 per month, whereas a £200 phone will be much less, maybe £30 per month. This is something worth thinking about before choosing a phone.

As a blog and article writer, Laura Ginn writes about a range of different subjects. That being said, she loves writing about technology. Most recently, she has had over 50 reviews of mobile phones published on a range of blogs, which included the review of the popular HTC Wildfire S Black.

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