Hobbies That Can Get You in Trouble With the Law

There is an array of hobbies people can engage themselves in in order to pass time productively.

Usually people indulge in these hobbies for the purpose of leisure and passion. A majority of hobbies involve collecting as well as creative and artistic activities, while others involve sports, education and tinkering. Engaging in hobbies is believed to help acquire skill, experience and knowledge; however others use these hobbies in other ways that often end up with trouble. Here are a few hobbies that are wrongly used that lead hobbyists to deal with the law.


Many of us have the gift of art that we use by drawing an array of pictures. The right way to draw art is on paper or on a canvas, but quite a few have taken it to extremes by doing graffiti instead. Many graffiti artists claim that their works of graffiti are an expression of art, but to property owners who have had their properties vandalized by works of graffiti, this is not true. In fact, graffiti has been known to be associated with gangsters and it is considered illegal in many communities. Nevertheless, there are certain communities that do allow graffiti, but in specified spaces only.

Coin and Antique Collecting

Collecting has always been one of the favorite hobbies throughout the world. Quite a number of collectors focus on antiques and rare coins because of their history, worth and beauty. In fact, there are various channels for collectors to acquire such items both locally and online. Since this hobby has become quite popular, it has attracted plenty of scammers selling fake coins and antiques while others sell these items illegally. Some collectors are informed or are aware that their items of interest are stolen, yet they continue to purchase stolen wares which are also illegal.


There are many forms of gambling and many games are enjoyed along with gambling. For pleasure and leisure people tend to gamble very small amounts of money, but it can become very addictive that usually lead people to gamble larger amounts of money and even other valuables. People still continue to gamble during card games such as bridge, poker and even bingo. Their gatherings have often led to trouble with the law because of the high stakes, heated arguments and fights when a person or group cannot accept the fact that he had lost or when one player believes that he was cheated on. Today those who enjoy card games play online and gamble online as well.

Fast / Racing Cars

Quite a number of young men and women these days have an interest for fast cars and motorbikes. Many are interested in the mechanical aspects of cars and bikes, while the rest have a preference to operate them. There is nothing wrong in enjoying fast cars and bikes, but it can also cause plenty of trouble with the law and even lead to untimely deaths. Illegal racing and reckless driving are constantly reported in the news and the negligent parties are often those who enjoy maintaining and operating these vehicles as a hobby.

There is nothing wrong in these hobbies if done the proper way. Getting into trouble with the law for going into extremes with your hobby is simply not worth it. Nevertheless, if you do find yourself in trouble, consult with a legal professional.

Valerie Clearwater is a freelance writer specializing in criminal law. She regularly contributes articles to legal websites where a well experienced massachusetts criminal defense attorney can be consulted.

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