If you’re like most people, you probably find it difficult to follow through with fitness goals. You’re probably even close to giving up on working out and eating right, but you don’t have to do that. Not if you download the Gym-Pact app that is…


The Gym-Pact app basically works like this:

  • Open it and sign up
  • Make some healthy goals
  • Set the reward stakes
  • Meet goals (reap rewards)
  • Fail goals (lose cash)

Users who meet their goals get paid rewards using the funds the app collected from users who failed to meet goals. Since thousands of people use this app, there is plenty of lost cash sitting around to be earned by people who complete their fitness goals. It’s a brilliant model for motivation!

Mission Accomplished

This app is awesome because it verifies work-outs using GPS< photos and other services. Don’t think that you can just sign up, create a thousand bogus goals, sign them off and earn cash.

Room to improve

Gym-Pact is a great app and I don’t really see any room for improvement. The developer are so honest they even state that you’ll make about $.30-$5 a week by using this app. There is no hidden-strings with this app and everything about it is honest.


Obviously Gym-Pact is worth a try if you need to maintain fitness goals. The risk-reward ratio is much higher than spending a lot of money on P90X or the gym only to give up. This app actually pays out and keeps you on track, so not only is it a great addition to your phone’s apps, but it’s also a great addition to your life.


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