Google Is Going to Fight Internet Pirates?

Google declares war on pirates graphic

Google aims to provide a new experience to make over 200 signals for improvement of the searching algorithm. A new filter project for Google search starts next week.

Ranking of search results will take into account the number of valid copyright removal notices received from the copyright owners. Sites with high number of removal will automatically move down in the list of Google search results. It will help users to find legitimate, quality sources irrespective of whether they want to find.

Google’s representatives say that removal of web links with pirated content from a database is not their task. They do it only after receiving a valid copyright removal notice from the right owner. Also Google’s representatives assure that they still provide â??counter-noticeâ? tools for those who believe their content had been wrongly removed. This action is been done in order to advance web sites with legal content to the top ranks. For example, when user is entering the query “watch movies online”, the first web links will show the official websites while the torrent links will be available only at the end of the list.

Tricky Google exception

YouTube is famous for its copyright violation. It is owned by Google. So will Google company make an exception for this web resource? And what about other popular media websites?

According to Google’s reports, new filter development handles not only the statistic of complaint requests, but also such specific moments as popularity of the websites, its activity, etc. Nobody knows what kind of factors it will be, but the company assures that the filter works properly. There is no any “white list” of the sites. The special algorithm automatically evaluates all characteristics of the website, its reputation, and the relative factors instead.

What is next?

There are lots of people who donâ??t accept these changes and predict limitation of the net freedom. They promise to start using other search services like Bing, Yahoo, etc. An illegal placement of copyright content in the network allows users who could not buy media rights viewing it.

Big media companies require Google to secure copyright protection. For today Google, in turn, needs cooperation with trustworthy and reliable partners.

Let’s be honest, such actions donâ??t make things harder for the most of online pirates. Besides, users who enjoyed the torrent trackers did not notice anything at all: their favorite websites had been already in their browser bookmarks for a long time.

The article was written and published by Andrew Smith, QArea Company.

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