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The Go Karts game created by GameAnax Inc. provides players with a really great racing experience. This game isn’t to be mistaken for some racing game with high-end cars, no, it’s much more fun and casual than that. You never feel stressed while playing this game and there is no pressure to collect a certain amount of coins or other items while racing. This game is just about relaxing and having a good time.

With over 11 realistic tracks, 6 go-karts, quick race mode and career mode, this game packs a lot of casual racing fun into an app that costs absolutely nothing to download. Sure there are some in-app purchases for buying extra tracks, but the game is still jam-packed with tracks and karts even if you never spend a single cent.

Mission Accomplished

GameAnax Inc. succeeded in bringing the true meaning of go-karting to iOS gaming, and that’s the laid-back style of it. Just like you would go out and have fun with friends go-karting at some park, this game maintains that same fun and laid-back style while still being exhilarating.

Go Karts also has a really great sound-track. I expected the developers to skimp on the audio for this game, but I was surprised at the up-beat songs and variety of the sound-track.

Room to improve

I feel like this game is too great to enjoy by yourself. If it had a local multiplier mode, or online mode, it would be even more fun. Like any other single-player game, this one will end after hours and hours of playing it. Sure, you can still race the computer AI in quick races once you finish career mode, but other than that it ends. For a free game you couldn’t ask more from the developers, but I’m sure if they created a multiplayer mode players would purchase the add-on.


If you like racing games and want to play a relaxing but still fun game, then you will enjoy this free game. It’s definitely worth playing 🙂

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Genre: Games
Price: Free
Developer: Gameanax Inc
Size: 276.87M
Age Rating: 17+
Rated: 3.36364 by 22 customers.
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