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This review is for ‘6 Pack Promise’ by Sports Performance, currently priced at $3.99. The app has 56 complete workout plans with over 100 exercises included. This app was put together by Jeff Cavaliere who is a pro celebrity trainer with an impressive track record.

He was a sports fitness trainer for the N.Y. Mets as well as training many other top sports athletes and celebrities. There is also a suggested meal plan which you can generate at random or follow to the letter. There is a ‘Master Vault’ of all the exercises included and a random workout generator. This is the only fitness trainer I follow personally as he focuses on muscle confusion exercises and puts emphasis on the importance of recovery time.

Jeff Cavaliere is the creator of the excellent AthleanX 90 day fitness program which I am personally following right now. I spent quite some time searching for what in my opinion was the best workout program on the Internet for muscle confusion and this is the guy that won hands down in my personal opinion. Here is the link to the full AthleanX program . . . AthleanX Fitness Program . . . please note that I am not in any way affiliated with AthleanX. In all an excellent app and a sure way to a six pack if you follow the correct meal plans and diet.

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  1. Combining diet and exercise will probably be your guide to accomplish the six-pack abs. Right after all, it not merely adds positively to your physique for it has other benefits that are beyond the physical level.The most beneficial sources of food that can enable you to get rid of unwanted fats within your belly is protein. Good sources of protein consist of fish and seafood, white-meat poultry, beans, eggs, soy, pork tenderloin, lean beef and an energy bar too.

  2. Truth, You don’t need to avoid all fatty food to achieve your six pack abs. You only should avoid those fatty food items that are not suitable to enable you to obtain your objectives. Important fat is essential for your diet plan as it enables correct functioning of your essential organs. Olive oil and nuts are truly excellent for you. These actually assist you to destroy fat rather than build it. So please guarantee these are included as an critical component of your daily diet plan.

    • there’s no such thing as spot reduction in wgehit loss. (ex: burning fat from a specific area in the body) diff. people accumulate fat in diff. areas of their body i’m a butt guy.. that’s where my fat goes FIRST and it’s the last one lost. if you want to learn about burning fat, check out different ways to stimulate your basal metabolism that’s the way to go.?

  3. When trying to uncover out the greatest method to get six pack abs it can all depend on what type of strategy you’re capable to maintain up with. Here are many dissimilar alternatives to currently performing crunches and running all day lengthy. Its most in case you can maintain your body guessing about what kind of exercises will probably be performed.

  4. Numerous also believed that floor exercises, such as crunches or sit-ups which focuses on your abdominal muscles, will provide you with a flat stomach. Other uses exercise machines which works your abs to its limit but still, really few are successful in gaining those six pack abs.What is funny is many people have been performing this for weeks and none of them are any closer to gaining their six pack abs.

    • acually adam crunches r a huge help for your abs. when u wkroout a body part the muscle is being broken down so the brain sends a signal to build the muscle up bigger and stronger. yes getting the body fat down is a big help but if ur tearing down those muscles they will rebuild and get bigger

  5. It’s what you eat in between your workouts that’s more important than the workout itself when it comes to 6-pack abs. It cones down to calories in – calories out. If you burn more than you consume, you can’t go wrong. The kitchen is the main area to concentrate on and the gym secondly.

  6. Wish to learn how you can get six pack abs quickly. The solution is really clear, concise and straight forward, so why doesn’t everybody have a washboard stomach? It takes commitment to your self and your body, the will to alter, a lot of sweat, along with the determination to succeed within your quest for the guide on how you can get six pack abs quick.

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