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Put on your cowboy boots and become an outlaw with ‘GunsNGlory’. Early settlers of the West get an onslaught of outlaws to contend with as you try and hinder their progress with bullets, dynamite, gatling guns and arrows.

Guns ‘n’ Glory is a Western themed free game with multiple levels. Since I first downloaded this game a year ago, I’ve been surprised by the amount of updates the developer has made to the game. There are many more features and levels now.

The object of the game is to wipe out the settlers and stop them passing through the labyrinths of valleys. On most levels, only a certain amount of settlers are allowed through. However, on some of the more advanced levels, no settlers are allowed through whatsoever. You must manoeuvre your outlaws to outwit the setter’s progress.

Each settler that you slay earns you money, which you can use to hire characters to add to your gang of outlaws. Settlers on horseback earn you more cash and wagons earn you even more. There are even wagons containing gold which earn you a pretty penny, but are more resistant to being destroyed.

To hire someone into your gang, you simply tap on them to purchase them. There are many hired hands you can take on, including gunslingers, Indian fire arrow characters, crazed Mexican dynamite throwers, coughing and wheezing old timers with blunderbuss guns and even sniper cowgirls.

You can also upgrade each member of your gang. I found that upgrading the gunslingers and positioning them at key points on the map was really effective.

As well as being able to hire gang members to increase the size of your outlaw group, there is the ability to hire cannons and also Gatling guns which you can also upgrade.

You can scroll around the map by swipe-dragging on the screen. Power up crates appear in various places on the map. The types of power up crates include sheriff points, to minimise the damaging effect of settlers getting through, speed crates, which speed up the unit’s rate of fire, increased damage crates, which do as they suggests, as well as crates of money.

On some later levels, their is a kind of outlaw hating governor figure who is hard to kill and only appears as you are about to complete a level.

When you download the game it comes with adverts, which you can pay (just 1 dollar) to be removed and the last few levels are optional in-app purchases. However, the adverts didn’t personally bother me and the in-app purchases are at a fair price. There are so many free levels in this game that it is worth playing even if you choose not to purchase add-on levels.

The game has great graphics and fun sound effects. I liked the fact that you are playing the bad guys in this game.

I can’t really fault this game, but maybe one upgrade would be to make it clearer on the levels map exactly which level you last played, as after I ended a game and came back to it a few days later, I was sometimes confused at which level was due next.

That being said, I cannot think of any flaws in this game, as it is stable with good, fun, addictive gameplay.

Best of all, it’s free, so you can’t go wrong with this outlaw type game. So give it a shot, if you’ll excuse the pun. Gather up your band of outlaws now…

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Genre: Games
Price: $2.99
Developer: GmbH
Size: 47.81M
Age Rating: 12+
Rated: 4.84 by 125 customers.
Retro Graphics
Fun level
Creative app idea
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