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Technology has always been helpful to businesses. From the typewriter to the iPad, new inventions have helped to make life easier for the company and the employee.

With the possession of smart phones now very common, people have an incredibly useful piece of equipment on them at all times. On top of that, a lot of these applications are completely free. Nowadays you can make use of services for free that ten years ago would have been very costly.

These applications are also easily accessible. A quick search on your mobile and you could have a new e-mail app in seconds. Tapping in a couple of words on Google and your laptop will be using some new accounting software in no time at all. Anyone can get at these products and this is incredibly useful for new businesses. Tasks that were previously incredibly daunting are now made simplistic and easily approached. These apps help to encourage people to start up new businesses every day. Some of the applications are so useful it’s hard to see how people ever managed without them.

Creating professional looking charts and diagrams can be a very difficult task. Using the basic Microsoft Office suite can often result in a inelegant end product, while using more high-end applications is often too complicated without some serious training. Lovely Charts is a great application for creating fantastic looking diagrams without taking up a huge amount of time. It makes use of a simplistic drag and drop creation system that is incredibly easy to use. The look of the files themselves are great with a professional and attractive look. Creating forms, diagrams, flowcharts and other files has never been so simple.

Accounting is often the most daunting task for business owners. More often than not, businesses will pay for someone else to do their accounting for them. This can be every expensive and sometimes inconvenient. Crunch helps to eliminate some of the problems associated with traditional accounting. With this software you are able to deal with your accounts online and on the go. You can look after your invoices, balance sheets, payroll and many other aspects of business. You can update instantly and with the Snap mobile app you can take a picture of a receipt and have all the information directly added to your account. Crunch manages to make one of the most stressful of business takes simple, easy and convenient.

If your business suddenly takes off, it is imperative that you’re prepared. You don’t want your new-found success to be marred with huge levels of stress from the extra workload. Zoho CRM allows you to easily keep track of all your sales and customers. It also has the ability to help you keep tabs on leads and new sales opportunities, while also making it very easy to keep on top of your events with the calendar function. Zoho CRM is perfect for both managed your business activities and help you to grow your company further.

All of these free applications go a long way to making business a more simplified affair. They are equally useful for brand new start-ups and established companies. Businesses can now saves themselves large sums of money with just the simple process of downloading an easy-to-use application. As the number of these massively helpful programs grows, the world of business becomes more and more accessible.

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  1. I agree, business tasks these days would be so tedious without the use of technology. It’s great that developers today are creating some amazing business apps to simplify the day to day activities. Keeping oneself updated and aware of such apps is highly essential!

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