Four iPhone Apps I really Want to See

iPhone apps that would be good to see

My trusty iPhone can be used for so many applications, in fact I sometimes almost forget that it can be used to make and receive phone calls.

During any given day, Iâ??ll take photos with it, update my Facebook status, check my emails, text my friends and even record my scores on the local golf course.

Iâ??m able to book holidays via this incredibly useful gadget, to check the weather at my chosen destination and even, should I need it, to stay in touch with my office while Iâ??m sunning myself on the beach. All in all, itâ??s something of a minor miracle. There are, however, some functions which I would like to have but which are currently unavailable. Here are four which Iâ??m hoping are currently being researched and tested by the boffins.


Iâ??m impressed by the fact that I can check the latest soccer scores via my iPhone, but I would be more in awe of an application that will mow my lawn for me. I sincerely hope there will be such an app on the market in the next few months, although somehow I doubt it. I think it would be so cool to tap one of the touch screen icons and know it will lead to a beautifully manicured garden in no time at all.

Superman iâ??s

There are times when I could really use a pair of binoculars or a telescope, but I never seem to have one handy, of course. As I always have my iPhone with me, Iâ??d really appreciate an app that would allow me to have a strong zoom lens that would enable me to see things that are in the distance. If I have to promise to only use my new Supervision for good, Iâ??m quite prepared to do so.

Self-diagnosis tool

We all like to know weâ??re in good health, of course, but having to undergo regular check-ups at the doctorâ??s surgery can be time-consuming and tiresome. It would be so good if someone could invent a self-diagnosis app that would be able to ascertain my physical wellbeing just from the sound of my voice. If it could send me an update text just after every phone call I make that would make things even better.

GPS with a difference

My trusty GPS app enables me to find my way from A to B whenever I need it. What it doesnâ??t do, however, is tell me when I should be avoiding B at all costs. Iâ??d really like an app that, when I programme a destination into it, immediately says â??you donâ??t want to be going thereâ?. If itâ??s something of a sketchy area, Iâ??d rather it told me to stay away.

David Showell works for and is a big fan of his iPhone.

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