Forming a Band

Forming a band

Most kids who start of learning an instrument do so in the privacy of their own bedroom, or at school. There comes a point where strumming chords or playing along with favourite albums isnâ??t enough, and many people who want to take their playing to the next level want to form a band or group with like-minded people and start playing music and performing in public.

Some are lucky and have a wide circle of musical friends who are keen to start a group too. But what do keen electric guitar players who havenâ??t got musical mates do?

Music Shops

Before the days of the internet, the local music shop functioned not only as a retail outlet but also as somewhere that musicians came together and met each other. It still has this function today and most good shops will have a noticeboard where musicians can post wanted adverts, sale adverts or offer tuition. This can be a great way of making contact with other people who are interested in the same style of music as you are, but it can be hit and miss to find some people who you click with and can form a long lasting relationship.


There are literally millions of websites out there devoted to music of all types, so it might take quite some time to find the website which is most relevant to your type of music and your geographic area. Many of the websites have forums, and this can be the ideal way to make contact with local people who are playing and performing music. Even if you canâ??t find anyone who is interested in joining a band, they may have good ideas about places to look for musicians. There are also free advert websites such as Gumtree which allow you to post wanted adverts for any sort of musician. When posting online beware of the security aspects of advertising name and address, and if arranging to meet a stranger ensure you meet for the first time in a public place or have someone go with you to the meeting.


Larger towns and cities will have a good selection of different pubs, clubs and concert halls all hosting various types of music events. If you are particularly into a heavy metal for example, go along to the venue which hosts these sorts of band nights and try to meet people who are into that sort of music too. Get chatting to amateur bands who are performing, as one may have an opening for an electric guitar player, or will know of another local band which does. Many of these establishments are over 18s only which can make it difficult for younger teenagers to make contact with musicians, so younger people may find it better to form bands with school friends or siblings to get a bit of experience initially, and then explore other opportunities as they develop in skill and confidence. Playing in front of a paying audience for the first time can be daunting, and may not be for everyone.

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