Five Best Free Apps for New Drivers

Driving test apps for learners

Whether youâ??re 15 or 50, you may be looking forward to driving for the very first time in the near future. Driving, like everything else in life, takes practice.

Operating a vehicle is a learned skill that doesnâ??t come easy for everyone. To help you get where youâ??re going safely, weâ??ve comprised this list of the five best free apps for new drivers. If youâ??ve got a smartphone or other mobile device, these apps can help you do everything from passing your driversâ?? exam to finding the cheapest gas.

DMV Driver Test â?? Written Exam Prep

If youâ??ll be sitting for your licensing exam soon, this app will help make sure that youâ??re ready to pass it with flying colors. The app offers users practice tests, customizes questions for your state and lets you know when youâ??re ready to take the test. As you take practice tests, you can track your answers and review those that youâ??ve gotten wrong. You can also keep track of how long it takes you to take the test, and can pause the practice exams if necessary.

We all know that texting while driving is dangerous, yet some of us canâ??t seem to stop ourselves from using our mobile devices in the car. With the app, drivers can program their mobile device to read text messages and emails out loud and in real time. Drivers using this app can keep their hands on the wheel and stay in touch with friends and family in as safe a way as possible.

Driver Feedback

The Driver Feedback app, brought to you by the car insurance provider State Farm, tracks your driving habits and offers you tips on how you can improve your driving. This app is perfect for parents of new teen drivers. Make sure that the app is running on your childâ??s device before they pull out of the driveway and review the information when they get home. The app also gives you the ability to set it for multiple drivers if you need to.

Google Maps

New drivers donâ??t often have the experience to know where theyâ??re going outside of their immediate area. With Google Maps, new drivers never have to worry about getting lost. The app will give you directions, tell you when you can expect to arrive at your destination, and show you how to get back home.


Even if you donâ??t need to find the cheapest gas, GasBuddy can be useful for finding the closest gas station to your location. The app can help ensure that you never get stranded because youâ??ve run out of gas. If you notice that youâ??re running low on gas, you can open the application and find the next station along your route. The app can take some of the stress out of driving long distances in unfamiliar areas.

If youâ??re new to driving, you should take all of the help that you can get. By downloading these five applications, youâ??ll have a virtual co-pilot with you at all times. No matter which applications you choose to install, remember to always pull over to the side of the road or into a rest area to use your mobile device safely.

Dalia Valdez lives and writes in London. She writes for where you can find more information on car insurance, trips, and tips for saving money when you drive.

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