Features of The Apple iPad Mini

The New iPad Mini Review

The iPad Mini is the latest product of Apple that was introduced on the 2nd day of November, 2012. This device has made a noise in the market especially for those who are waiting for it.

This tablet is smaller than the iPad, yet a bit bigger than the iPod touch. It is a powerful computing tablet that can be handled even with only one hand. Likewise, it is also thin and lightweight and that is why it is very convenient to use.

The build and finish of the Apple iPad Mini

Apple products are manufactured considering the quality. Thus, it is evident in the diminutive frame of the iPad Mini that the quality is given the most attention. The front part of the iPad Mini seems to have featherweight slices due to the aluminum backplate and frame that meld to the front glass. The rear side is made of smooth stain aluminum in which the Apple logo is etched. The buttons for volume and power key is also located on this part.

The iPad Mini is the first product of Apple that has a stereo speaker. A headset jack is located on top and a lightning port on the bottom. The two speakers are situated on either side of the device. It uses the Apple A5 processor and the screen specification of 1024×768 pixels. However, the resolution is raised to 163 ppi that is higher than the original iPad and the iPad 2. This device shows small font sizes of on-screen text yet is still readable. The display features rich colors and wide viewing angles which should be expected from such advanced screen technology.

Connectivity of Apple iPad Mini

The Apple iPad Mini can roam across a less crowded radio band as it has dual-band Wi-Fi. Users can also expect a greater output of channel bonding due to the combination of two adjoining 20MHz channels. However, the cellular option of this device requires using EEâ??s 1800MHz LTE 4G service. Likewise, the user will surely enjoy surfing the internet due to the 3G and 4G features. It gives opportunities of viewing multimedia content as well as in accomplishing more tasks.

The good thing about iPad Mini is that it managed to have a bigger screen that accommodates powerful tablet apps yet weighs less. If you buy this device you should consider adding the iPad Smart Cover as it is a good match for this device. Using the Smart Cover gives the feel of carrying a small paper notebook. Otherwise, if you use a bulkier case it would cover the lightness and thinness of the gadget.

Knowing all the features of iPad Mini is not enough in making your decision to buy one. As much as possible, you should try operating the device so that you will know if it can suffice your needs in computing. Keep in mind that it is necessary to see one and hold one in order to want one. Indeed, the technology is constantly innovating and with the initiative of leading companies, people have the opportunity of using such amazing innovative gadgets such as the iPad Mini.


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