Factors You Must Consider While Choosing Android or iOS

iOS or Android?

In the smartphone and tablet industry, Apple devices running on iOS continue battling for market domination with various companies whose sole similarity is the fact that their devices run on Googleâ??s Android OS.

If youâ??re torn between the two, here are some factors you may want to consider.

  • Batteries â?? Battery life and power savings options differ from one device to another. As such, this is not really a matter of choosing between an iOS and Android device. What matters more are the specific results that come out when the devices youâ??re interested in are tested for battery power. Ideally speaking, however, most of todayâ??s newest iOS and Android devices can run up to 8 hours of continuous and heavy use.
  • Screen â?? For most people, screen size is the most important factor to consider. This is followed shortly by the intuitiveness of your phoneâ??s touchscreen display.
  • Camera â?? The higher the MP level is for the pictures you take with your phone, the better! However, make sure to consider other features of your camera. Does it come with an option for flash and red-eye reduction? How comprehensive are its features when it comes to editing? Are they enough for what you need or would you still have to buy a paid app after?
  • Video camera â?? Technical specifications for a phoneâ??s camera are different for its video recording capabilities. This is something you should look into as well if you plan on using your phone extensively for recording videos.
  • Operating system â?? When it comes to a deviceâ??s OS, consider first and foremost how user-friendly it is. Does it offer quick access to the most commonly used applications and features? Is it vulnerable to malware attacks? Some reports suggest that in terms of malware protection, you are likely to encounter more problems when using an Android device. Consider the built-in features that your operating system comes with as well. What kind of features does your phoneâ??s built-in clock, calculator, calculator, and notepad offer?
  • Connectivity â?? One thing that Android has a clear advantage over Appleâ??s iOS is its USB connectivity. With the Apple, you will have to invest in an adaptor to connect to another device via USB. Sometimes, even additional hardware doesnâ??t make USB connectivity possible.
  • Internet service â?? How can the device connect to the Internet? Again, this aspect is more dependent on the type of device youâ??re using instead of being an OS issue. Also, you might want to prioritize using a device with 4G access as this is supposed to be the dominant type of connection in the future.
  • Application â?? At present, applications available for the iOS are not just greater in number but also in terms of diversity and quality.

Get connected today!

Whether you end up with an Android or iOS device, keep in mind that your deviceâ??s functionality and recreational value will likely increase with Internet access â?? especially if itâ??s the constant or unlimited kind.

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