Essential Finance Apps for the iPhone

Finanancial apps for the iPhone

When Apple released the iPhone, their goal was to change not just the way we communicate with each other, but the way we did everything.

Smart phones were just around the horizon and the launch of the iPhone ushered in a whole new era of telecommunications that redefined a number of things in our lives. Although other phone manufacturers kept releasing a number of different smart phone models, the iPhone remained, and continues to remain, the most popular smart phone in the world.

A big reason why the iPhone is so successful is the iTunes store. The store features millions of apps, free and paid, which cannot be equaled by any other provider. Google’s recently revamped Play Store for Android is trying to catch up to iTunes, but still lags quite a bit behind. Many users love the utilitarian apps, especially those that aid in financial matters. Here are some of the most essential finance apps which should find a home in every iPhone:

BillTracker: As far as usefulness is concerned, few apps can match up to the effectiveness of BillTracker. Everyone has financial obligations and bills to pay. BillTracker allows iPhone users to keep a tab on all their bills with a few taps f the touch screen. Having the amounts due on your bills displayed concisely really helps out the budgeting process. In addition, BillTracker also keeps you informed about the various due dates and can send you reminders as they get closer; an alert will ensure that you do not miss any of the due dates for your bills. Users are recommended to skip the free lite version and instead purchase the full version; the cost is recovered every time you avoid paying late fees for missing a due date.

Debt Minder: Debt is one of the biggest issues of modern society, affecting people around the world. Experts agree that the best way to become debt free is to constantly monitor your debt situation. No matter what the kind of debt is, Debt Minder allows you to track multiple accounts and easily lets you navigate through the details. Calculate payments, interest rates and other features that will help you become debt free a lot faster.

Your Bank’s App: Every major bank has an app available for download on the iTunes store. These apps are secure and allow you to view balances and carry out transactions without the fear of online safety being compromised. It eliminates the need to constantly visit an ATM just to have a look at your account balance. Depending upon the bank, the respective app may offer a number of different features, including the ability to apply for mortgages from within the app itself.

Expensify: Few tasks in this world are as tedious as preparing an expense report. Expensify seeks to make expense reporting less of a chore. It lets you track any and all business related purchases, whether you made them using cash or corporate credit card. Fill in all the details and be presented with an expense report that is ready to be exported on to your computer. The best part about this app is that it’s free.

It is necessary to install apps so that users can take advantage of the full potential of a smart phone. The iPhone remains the industry leader and thanks to such financial apps, it looks like it will continue to hang on to the top spot for a long time to come.

Holly English is the author of this post and a gadget freak who loves to keep her iPhone updated with the latest apps. She recently became a part of the website and her love for technology makes it easier for her to manage all its working with the help of various finance related apps.


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