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The Ebola app has four sections of information about Ebola. The first section shows a list of countries with Ebola patients, the amount of cases, and deaths.

The second section is all Ebola news, while the third section is information about the Ebola disease ranging from transmission to treatment. The last section is a list of world health organization offices and their contact information.

The Good

This app’s color scheme is flat and consistent with iOS 7. It’s also free, which is always a perk.

The Bad

Even though this app doesn’t show adds, is free, and doesn’t sell in-app purchases, it isn’t too valuable. A simple Google search would bring up as much information as this app does, and without taking up any space on your phone.

Room to improve

The bottom section buttons aren’t very clear. There’s no text underneath the icons so it’s hard to tell what tapping on each section will do before tapping on it first. Also, the icons at the bottom take up a lot of space when they could be a bit smaller and have textual name counterparts.


If I were you, I would avoid Ebola App like a plague.


If you have any questions about Ebola or its status around the world, don’t get this app. Just Google your question and you can save yourself the hassle.

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