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If you’re not familiar with it, the Dunkan diet is a renown diet for losing weight and keeping it off. This app’s purpose is to basically compress the Dunkan Diet into an app with easy to follow directions and recipes for managing your weight however you see fit.


The Dunkan Diet + Wish List! app lets you learn about the Dunkan Diet, as well as the diet phases, before you begin using it to add foods to your wishlist and to begin cooking the recipes it features.

The recipes in this app span salads, sandwiches, soups, main recipes, pies, desserts, pancakes, drinks and sauces. Don’t expect this app to be a meager dieting list of things you should eat that are barely stomachable. Every recipe in the Dunkan diet is meant to taste good so that once you lose weight with this diet, you won’t be tempted to start eating unhealthy foods again.

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If you’re curious about the type of foods that are okay to eat (if you ever want to make your own recipe for example) you can use the allowed foods list. If you’re curious about how much weight you should lose (what your safe target weight should be), then you can also use the weight calculation part of this app that takes age, gender, weight, growth, BMI, and other factors into account.

The Dunkan Diet app also lets you track your weight and view it across a graph, add your own recipes, favorite recipes, and put together a diet calendar.

Mission Accomplished

Using the Dunkan Diet app makes much more sense than reading the Dunkan Diet site. With this app you always see it on your phone so there’s no way of “forgetting” to diet. Also the app tracks weight and other factors that the site does not.

Room to improve

The user interface of Dunkan Diet could greatly be improved. I have had no difficulty navigating the app but I do think it could look sleeker. Also the introduction and diet phase instructions have some minor syntax errors: nothing really deal-breaking.


If you’re trying to lose weight and keep it off then the Dunkan Diet makes perfect sense. The $2 app will keep you on track and is really easy to implement into your life. Not to mention that it really promotes being healthy.

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