Dubai – How Did It Grow So Fast?

Dubai At Its Best

Change is essential. The greatest change that I have found is the way  Dubai has changed itself in forms of appearance, style, traditions and social attractiveness.

So just how did Dubai grow and develop so quickly? The first human settlement in Dubai was at around 3000 BC, with the first recorded account of a town being built in the year 1799. However, the magical year for Dubai was in 1966 when oil was discovered. This was the key to rapid growth and an explosive boost to Dubai’s economic standing.

The vast changes in the artistic way of leading a life in exotic ways are one of the major things that you learn while on a trip to Dubai.

My office colleagues have come back with the experience that Dubai is the best place for those who want to go out with their family or with their friends. There is an unmatched reputation that Dubai has built upon in its own way by adding that special something special, even to the comfort levels of laymen. When these sorts of luxuries, comforts and vanities are experienced, the stresses of life ease off for a while.

The different styles of keeping yourself busy with a vivacious style of fun are an attractive part of it. Boats are available to rent that can be used for a boat ride. The flow of water and the crew in between makes the scene indeed vibrant and enthralling. The cool salt spray of water splashing upon suntanned skin and the family fun and bustle â?? is someting you enjoy and remember forever. Also, the Yacht Charter is available. The cruise, set in the finest ambience and with varied services have added beauty to the whole scenario. Yacht Rental Dubai is an essential element for those who are luxury seekers. Internationally, there are many companies who offer services like Yacht Charter, Boats facilities, Helicopters etc. The crewed Luxury Yachts, super Yacht, sailing Yacht, Catamarans etc are the added varieties that are famous across the globe.


Art has developed in Dubai in a fantastic way. The style of ethnic wear, designer wear and the appearance have changed. The fashion and trend is changing all the time with the fast pace in Dubai. Yacht Charter in Dubai has become a mark of identity for fun lovers. In a life that is filled with stress, anarchy and conflicts, this becomes a boon. The perfect way to release your stress busted life and take a break is by planning a trip to Dubai. One visit to Dubai and the stress ebbs away. Many people from across the globe travel to Dubai for the very reason of enjoying both fun and luxury.

The best part is that the acceptance level of people is amazing. People are ready to accept change very easily. As compared to many other countries in the world, people take time to get used to the cross-cultural links and the changing streams. Happiness is spread around like a bird flying with an enlightened spirit. Acceptance of people visiting from other countries is natural for people staying in or near to Dubai. Perhaps, this is the secret of the vast popularity of Dubai now spreading across the world.

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Nadia Quraishi

I am Nadia Quraishi, Team Leader at one of the leading Dubai based Travel company which specializes in Boat Rental Dubai services. I am also a Web Enthusiast and blogger who loves to write about travelling experiences.


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