Dive Straight Into The 21st Century And Use Your Smartphone To Improve Your Swimming Stroke.

There is a huge variety of swimming apps available to both the Android and iPhone market.

Whether you are a complete novice and what to learn from scratch, or an intermediate swimmer who wants to get better or even an advanced swimmer who wants to get faster or train for a specific event, then there’s an app for you. It must be said that not all apps are that useful or even particularly that good; however, you will find a few of the more popular swimming-related apps reviewed below.

1) GoSwim

This app is available to both Android and iPhone users and is actually an extension of the swimming-based website, GoSwim.tv. The app basically provides you with easy mobile access to the website, as well as many of the most recent stories published there and a plethora of hints and tips. You will find numerous instructional videos and tutorials and you will have immediate access to the ever popular “drill of the week” segment that is typically featured on the main website.

You also have the ability to access the various live discussion groups, which typically talk about the world of swimming, etc. You will find many YouTube videos, which have been separated into useful categories, depending on your level of skill, and there is access to the podcasts which GoSwim.tv usually sends out for their regular readers.


2) Freestyle Swimming Lessons

This app is specifically aimed at the novice and people who can’t swim. It will actually turn learning to swim into a lot of fun and will help remove some of the fears and barriers you possibly face. The swimming lessons are based on freestyle swimming and have been created by professional instructors. Even though the course has been designed and aimed at new swimmers, it must be said that it can help to improve the quality and style of people who already swim on a regular basis.

There are a total of 10 lessons, which are aimed at giving the confidence to swim by the end of the course. There is a system that helps you monitor your progress, therefore allowing you to take a step back and complete a previous stage if you aren’t entirely happy with your achievements. You will receive full help and support from a professional website and there are various swimming categories for you to choose from.


3) Swim Speeds

This app is aimed more at the seasoned swimmer and can actually be used for a wide variety of sportâ??s training. The app will help you monitor distance, as well as information about your speed and overall time. You will also be alerted to other vital information, such as how many calories you have burnt, a track of your current location, as well as the weather conditions and even your heart rate activity. This app also allows you to keep notes, which is perfect for future comparisons and to gauge improvements. If youâ??re training for an event, such as a triathlon, then this may be the perfect app for you.


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