Jet Pilot Lite

Jet Pilot Lite is a game created by Grace Judulco. It is free, but if you want more fun you can get the paid version for 99 cents. This app works on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


Jet Pilot Lite is a great airplane shooting game. It uses a retro style that is bound to bring up nostalgia if you were around to play the Nintendo. Even if you didnâ??t have the opportunity to play older games, you will still enough Jet Pilot.

The story behind this game is that youâ??re protecting Australia from invasion. In fact, when you first start flying with your airplane, you fly off an Australian air strip.

While playing itâ??s very easy for your heartbeat to rise. This game is intense and really addicting. As you fly you have to shoot down airplanes, ships, and really large airplanes. Planes come out of all directions, and even from behind you, forcing you to be even more alert.

Some airplanes shoot forward, while some shoot behind themselves. Ships on the other hand will aim directly at your plane and shoot.

After you pass each stage, you get a couple of seconds to rest, but then itâ??s back to fighting enemies. The game goes on endlessly for as far as you can survive. However while youâ??re playing you only have three lives, so if you lose them, you have to start from the beginning.

The Lite version of Jet Pilot only comes with 5 stages, while the $.99 version comes with unlimited stages. The graphics are also really on-par with retro game styles. If you play on the iPad, you’ll be surprised the graphics are also Retina ready. Airplane sounds are also really realistic.

Mission Accomplished

Itâ??s awesome that this game has a lite version so you can try it out before purchasing the paid one. Jet Pilot Lite doesnâ??t even have any advertisements.

Room to improve

While playing this game I wasnâ??t able to find any glitches or shortcomings.


Whether youâ??re into retro games or not, Jet Pilot Lite is a game you have to try. Itâ??s free and easy to enjoy.

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