Penguin Glide

This app review is for ‘Penguin Glide’ by AppSolute Entertainment which has a version for the iPhone and also a HD version for the iPad. This game is currently priced at under $1. There is also a ‘Lite’ version available for the iPhone.

The storyline behind the game is that the ‘Jealous Jelly Gang’ has kidnapped your penguin wife, so you have to battle with an evil jelly gang to rescue her. To play the game you need to press and hold platforms and there are also power ups, such as a gravity controller orb. I only played up to level 20 in this game so I’m sure there are other features yet to be discovered in even more advanced levels. The graphics are very clear and crisp in the game and I particularly like the interface level selection widget in the form of a boat floating on the ocean. The game is very good fun and has a nice feel to it as well as being cute. The ‘Boss Jellies’ get progressively harder to beat and each level becomes more of a complex puzzle as you advance. The game mechanics and physics of the game are original and are very smooth. Personally, I really enjoyed the challenge of trying to work out how to get those ‘tough to get’ jellies on the more advanced levels. This game is great value at under $1 and has made it to the featured section of the website because of it’s originality and crisp graphics.

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