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Cyber Dust is effectively Mark Cuban’s middle finger to the SEC and NSA. In an interview with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show he shared his reasons for making the new app.

-And I had an issue with the SEC, my buddies and the government, where they were looking at my emails. So I came up with a product called Cyber Dust.

-Itâ??s text messaging, but within 24 seconds after itâ??s read, the message disappears. So that way you can talk to your agent, you can talk about your friends, you can talk about anythingâ?¦Â I donâ??t want to leave a digital footprint, so we came up with Cyber Dust.

Although Mark Cuban’s intentions are noble, his app is kind of shady. He effectively says “[yeah you can talk to your friends]” but “[I made it because I don’t want to get in hot water with the government again.]”

We just kid though. It would be weirder if he said he had nothing to had. Being honest about what you’re trying to accomplish is much better. Thumbs up for Mark Cuban coming to privacy rights’ rescue!


It’s quite simple. Using the Cyber Dust app you can send any sort of message, whether image or text, and it auto deletes within 24 seconds after being read. The great part about this app is that it encrypts all messages. So unlike Snapchat, even if a message was intercepted, it would mean nothing to the attacker

Mission Accomplished

This app has a nice and simple style to it. It does kind of seem to copy the Snapchat slide-up-to-update mechanism. Cyber Dust has a rotating monkey when you slide up to update, whereas Snapchat has a ghost. It just looks way too similar to say that this part of Cyber Dust isn’t plain copying.

Room to improve

I would like to see Mark Cuban, a billionaire, invest in at least a dozen different security labs to test just how effective Cyber Dust is. I mean it’s cool that he made this app, but there is no guarantee that it’s not full of bugs that leave your messages exposed to interception.


For now, Cyber Dust appears to be the most effective iOS app in sending encrypted and disappearing messages. If you want to gossip or say things you don’t want around, then this app is perfect. However, if you’re trying to hide inside trading secrets like Mark Cuban has (possibly done) once before, don’t bet your luck on it.

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