Cut Down The Cost Of Your Internet

The internet is now a big part of our lives and it features in our home, education and working environments.
There is little doubt that our lives have been enhanced since the super information highway has become such a constant feature, but there also a few negatives that have also crept in. We have started to rely on this form of media so much that if it were to disappear overnight, there would probably be a worldwide crisis to contend with. And another one of the major drawbacks of having high quality internet is the rising costs of this luxury.  This article looks at some options that can reduce the cost of your internet significantly, if this is of concern to you then please read on.

We love the sound of this slightly geeky term and it conjures up images of hard drives battling it out with each other. Sadly, it is far less exciting than this, but still provides a free option that will save you a buck or two. You simply take your wireless device on the road and scan the area for unsecured home networks. Millions of people are just too lazy to bother setting up a security password for their home network. We donâ??t mind and they wonâ??t be any the wiser as you surf for free as long as you like. Just be a little subtle about this approach and keep it a secret from your buddies, otherwise there will be a scramble for spots outside number 33, and they will soon catch on!

Hotspot Surfing

Get online and check out where the closest hotspots are in your vicinity. There are over 100 million listed on the database and surely one of them is not so far from where you happen to reside. The best place for this information is WeFi, and we love it very much indeed! You may be surprised to learn how â??out of the wayâ?? some of these hotspots are and many of them are not really used to their potential. Just ensure that you avoid any online purchase as these connections will not be encrypted whatsoever!

Smartphone Tethering

This is not an ideal option as there are a few side effects but you will get your information and it will not cost you a bean. You will need to jailbreak your Apple devices and Android needs root access for this option. Your battery life will be compromised and the connection is sluggish, but beggars canâ??t always be choosers!

Cable Connection

You may be surprised to learn that your cable company can probably fix you up with a good connection without any extra cost. If they already supply you with internet, they will also have access to many hotspots that can be accessed via your mobile devices. Simply download the mobile app and start using them for free.  The CableWiFi project has been set up to allow access this way to over 100,000 free hotspots nationwide. If your cable company is not a member of this alliance, maybe it is time to switch your supplier.

Saving Money Yet?

These are by no means the only ways to save on your internet and you can do a quick search to check out the other options. Just be careful not to follow any less than legal routes and you should be saving $ in no time at all!

This post is authored by Paul Potter, a tech blogger and software engineer at VMedia, a company that provides internet TV in Canada. He is quite fascinated by new technologies and likes to blog about it. His hobbies include sports such as hockey and tennis.

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