Animated Emoji

Using this application you can create animated Emoji with any of the symbols from the Emoji keyboard.

Emoji Animated comes with 20 examples to get you started. Customizing your own animation is really easy though. You can customize the text, text color, background color, animation speed, animation type, and animation kind. Thereâ??s one by one animation, line by line, and scrolling.

These animations can be sent via text, they can be emailed, or copy and pasted.

Mission Accomplished

Animated Emoji will impress your friends and add a personalized level to them. From Christmas Emoji to funny ones, the possibilities are endless.

Room to improve

While testing this application I wasnâ??t able to find any glitches or shortcomings. Animated Emoji doesnâ??t have advertisements either.


If youâ??re into Emoji then this app will definitely provide you with new entertainment. Give it a try if you think you need it. Itâ??s only a buck.

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