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I’m not sure what the benefit of using this free app would be over using free apps such as the ones provided by or Unlike this app, those alternatives have beautiful interfaces with matching functionality.

When you first open Custom Fit you can pick from three goals “loss fat,” “build muscle” and “increase strength.” I’m not really sure what “loss fat” means, but I’ll assume that it has something to do with “fat loss.” Then you go on to pick whether you want to work on one, two, or three body parts. Mind you, if you want to get a workout that lasts longer than 30 minutes, involves more than two body parts, or increases strength, you’ll have to buy the full version for $1.99.

After choosing what sort of workout you’re looking for, the “workout plan” you get will consist of a few categories with various exercises in them. The instructional exercise videos have ┬áno voiceover explaining how to complete the exercise. There’s not even a textual version of this information to look at.

Other than the exercise planner which just spits out a list of exercises for the muscles you pick, this app also has a progress track which tracks various body measurements daily as you input them. It also has a workout customizer that lets you basically build a list of exercises by writing them in, along with the amount of sets, repetitions, and time they should take.

Mission Accomplished

In addition to providing users with a very shoddy exercise planner and body tracker, this app also comes with its own inadequate diet logger which could be replaced by using something as the Net Diary app.

Room to improve

The information content of Custom Fit makes it very clear that the developer or the team hasn’t had much experience with working out or teaching others on the matter, let alone much experience on the matter of developing apps. The user interface is far from attractive but even if it looked great there wouldn’t be much content to gain from the app in its current state.


If you’re looking to start exercising, or you’re already at an advanced level, then it would be a good idea to pass this app up. Don’t even think about buying the “full version” for $1.99 if you haven’t fully seen how short the most basic features you’d want fall short in the free version.

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