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This app helps you estimate/set goals regarding the time it will take you to complete any distance Triathlon. It has Sprint, Olympic, 70.3, IM, and custom distances. You can use the swim, cycle, and run sliders to select the speeds that you can complete each one race at. For example Olympic Triathlons require 40km of cycling. If you know how fast you can bike 40 km in (lets say 24km/hr) then Tri Times will be able to tell you that it will take an hour and forty minutes to finish the cycling part at that speed.. Then you can also enter your swimming and running speeds and figure out the completion times for those as well. Not only does the app calculate your time for each part, cycling, swimming, and running, but it also adds them all together. So if you used this Tri Times youâ??d be able to know exactly how fast you can complete a Triathlon in.

There are also options for entering in the transition times for each different part. Getting out of the water and onto your bike might take a couple of minutes, so you can enter that into the appâ??s calculations. Similarly getting off your bike and starting to run might take a couple of seconds as well. Tri Times allows for all of these variables to be set so that you know where to cut down on time so that you can finish a Triathlon faster. Keep in mind that you can use this app for goal setting or for estimations based on what you already know you can do. For example if you know that you can swim 1500m at 150 seconds/100m, bike 40km at 20km/kr, and run 10km at 5:00/km, then you can use Tri Times to calculate all three time aspects. You can also use it to lower your time and set faster goals. Tri Times works with both kilometers and miles, so thereâ??s no worry about converting the two measurements. You can also share your goal, or Triathlon estimation, on Twitter and Facebook.

Mission Accomplished

Tri Times has all the Triathlon distances, and even allows for custom distances. The kilometers and miles option definitely comes in handy, and thereâ??s also an option for setting transition times. This app doesnâ??t leave anything out of the equation and is very useful for Triathlon racers.

Room to improve

Although thereâ??s nothing bad about this application, it could offer a bit more features. An option to save your Triathlon time would be really great. Then you could track your racing time for swimming, running, and cycling.


If youâ??re interested in racing in a Triathlon, or would like to finish faster, then Tri Times is definitely worth a try. For $.99 itâ??s a very useful application that will save racers a lot of time calculating everything by hand.

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