With this application you will be able to fuse different photos into one, as seen below.

When you first start PhotoGridPro youâ??ll have the option to pick from 18 different framed grids. After picking your photo grid you have to fill each square with an image from your camera roll.

Once youâ??ve selected an image you can edit it. There’s tools to improve your photos using Auto, Night, Backlit, or Balance enhance. You can also apply effects and stickers to your photos. If youâ??re familiar with Instagramâ??s filters youâ??ll have no troubles adding using PhotoGridPro’s effects.

The rest of the photo editing tools include the necessities such as orientation, crop, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, and draw tools.

In addition to all those features thereâ??s the ability to add text, fix red eye, whiten parts of photos, and fix blemishes. Thereâ??s even a tool that allows you to create meme style text at the top and bottom of photos.

The photo editor is very impressive and thereâ??s no surprise about it. PhotoGridProâ??s photo editor is powered by Aviary, which is the worldâ??s best photo editing SDK. Aviary can be plugged into iOS apps, Android, Windows Phone, and even HTML 5. For that reason PhotoGridProâ??s editor is nothing short of perfect.

After adding photos to all the frames in your photo grid, you have more customization options. You can round your images corners, change the frame size/background, and also change individual grids’ sizes.

Once youâ??re done fusing your images together itâ??s time to publish your work. After pressing the share button youâ??re met with five options. You can post your image to Facebook, send it as an email, upload to Instragram/Twitter, or save it to your camera roll.

Mission Accomplished

PhotoGridProâ??s easy to use interface sets them apart from their competitors. Iâ??ve used similar applications and Iâ??ve deleted all but this one.

PhotoGridPro has a powerful editor yet a simple interface which makes it a good choice when trying to quickly create something nifty. The frame features makes the photos you create with this app stand apart from age old Instagram photos.

Room to improve

This free app is supported by advertisments. When you first open PhotoGridPro you will be met with a fullscreen photo ad which can be closed. Thereâ??s also a small rectangular add at the bottom of the app when choosing photo grids.

However, as an in app purchase of $1.99 you can permanently remove the ads.  This is probably a good choice for someone who has tried the app, enjoys it, and would like to have an ad free experience.


Photo frames and cool editing features bring something new to the table. PhotoGridPro creates cool photos which you can be proud of creating. Also instead of uploading 4 photos to Facebook or Instagram manually you can just fuse them into one nifty framed photo saving you the hassle of uploading individual photos.

If youâ??re an iPhone photo junkie or you just like messing around with photos, then you might want to give this free app a try.

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