Spice Bandits

Spice Bandits by Chillingo is a universal tower defence game where you have to loot and raid Earth’s supplies and use their materials to build your defence arsenal . . . Tower Defence 4 people who love these types of games.

First of all, this is not a pick up and play, easy type game where you don’t have to think. This game is complex and takes a while to figure out, but if you spend the time to learn the ropes in this game it is a rewarding experience to play this tower defence game. The story starts with you being in charge of the bad guys – intergalactic pirates hell-bent on looting and conquering worlds for their own gain. The game has a great starting tutorial where you attend a training camp under the ocean. There are pop up tips throughout the game too.

Here’s the complicated part: there are at least 4 types of currency available in the game, which is overkill. First you have spice, then you have upgrade points, then you have points to unlock different towers and also normal cash points to use in the game. Spice points can be traded in for upgrade points. So you see that it takes a little getting used to all these in game currency types. However, once you get your head around this the game is quite simple.

Like any conventional tower defence 4 players into this kind of game you start off with a map and place towers on different zone areas, in this case, Spice Bandits use hexagons. What makes this tower defence game different is that you have special spell making abilities to choose from, such as ‘freeze’ which immediately freezes all of your enemies if they make there way close to your home base. Also, my favourite magic spell is the ‘disco’ music spell, which plays disco music to confuse the enemies so that they stray off in random directions.

There is an in-app purchase option if you want to add upgrade credits. Be careful when playing levels not build towers when they are not needed as you may need money credits for the next level. It is better to build just the amount of towers needed and then carry forward the credit remainder to help on more advanced levels. When you begin clearing levels you can unlock different game modes, such as 2 player mode etc.

This game is free and provides many hours of gameplay. If you are looking for a tower defence game with a bit more complexity, and this is the type of tower defence 4 you then this is the game to download.

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