Confessions of a Driving Instructor

Driving instructor nightmare

You might think that learning to drive is pretty scary. However, it’s nowhere near as scary as being a driving instructor.

Getting into a vehicle with someone who has never been behind a wheel before can be downright terrifying. Don’t believe us? Read some of the confessions below, and the decide if driving instructor is really a career choice for you…

Afraid of the Car…

Apparently, a big problem that new students have is being afraid of the power of the car itself. This is pretty understandable when it comes to acceleration power, for example. Speed can be scary when you’re the one in charge of where the vehicle is headed.

But this can also be a problem for braking too. It seems that many students are afraid to apply brakes with full force. Mac Demere is a fairly famous driving instructor, and even he had his problems with one young man. The man in question was driving on a driving track, and was approaching a hairpin bend. Having previously had problems getting the student to accelerate,

Demere wasn’t particularly worried about going to fast. Until the man refused to hit the brakes. After telling the student ot brake, and eventually resorting to yelling and screaming, the car ended up bouncing of course and being damaged.

When asked, the student reported that he was afraid of skidding. He had made the decision to crash the car rather than risk skidding…

Preferring Women…

This is less of a story, and more of an interesting confession. But when an unnamed fifty year old driving instructor announced that he preferred female students over male students, he created an outpouring of feeling from fellow driving instructors.

Apparently, the majority of instructors prefer female students as they are easier to teach, less likely to take risks, and are comfortable admitting the fact that they don’t know how to drive, rather than pretending that they know what they’re doing. So despite women’s reputations as bad drivers, it seems that at the very least they are preferred by driving instructors…

Not All Instructors are God

This confession comes straight from an unnamed instructor, who admits that he has now given up the profession.

His client was a woman of a certain age, who had a penchant for low cut tops, and was rather well endowed. The instructor also admits that it was quite difficult to keep his attention on the road, given the distractions that were in the car, and that he may not have been the best driving instructor in the world.

However, once the woman had completed a couple of lessons, she seemed like she was becoming a good driver, so he took her out on some relatively straight country roads so she could practise driving at higher speeds.

Unfortunately, the higher speeds on a quite bumpy country road made the distractions in the car rather more mobile, until they escaped from their tight tshirt, and became free in the car. The woman, rather disconcerted at this point, lost control of the car and turned the wheel, directing the car towards a hedge.

The driving instructor was rather too shocked to do anything about this, and so the woman crashed the car into the hedge. The instructor admits briefly considering taking the blame himself for what happened, but later decided to be honest with the police.

He suffered no extreme repercussions, and the car was not badly damaged. He did give up teaching driving after this incident, however, stating that he had a wife at home, and didn’t want to run the risk of being caught in a car with a half naked woman again…

Phil Turner is a teacher, and once taught his (ex)wife to drive. You could not pay him enough to sit in the passenger seat with a learner driver, besides which the car insurance quote with a learner driver on the insurance is frightening, not to mention the increased chances of losing his no-claims discount.


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