Common and Funny Trucker Lingo

If youâ??re thinking of joining the countless other people who are a part of the American Trucker League (which isnâ??t a real league), before you hit the road, you ought to know a bit of the jargon/lingo that will undoubtedly be used over the CB.
I suppose we can start there, a CB stands for the citizen band radio. These are what were used in vehicles for long road trips prior to cell phones for you kiddies who donâ??t know better.
These sayings are also funny to use during road trips amongst your friends and family to keep things light. Long trips can often wear on a person, causing them to become sleepy, restless and other more grumpy emotional states. So to keep spirits on a happier level, using actual trucker lingo while on the road can become a quick and fun past time. So without further ado, lets learn some wordsâ?¦.

Ankle Biter: Refers to small children, which are generally called this anyhow.

Baby Bear: A rookie police officer, becauseâ?¦.

Bear: A police officer, called thus because they are similar to the real marauding beast.

Bear In The Air: Refers to a police helicopter, so flying marauding creatures.

Bear Bait: A speeding car, which makes the bears hungry.

Back Door: Means behind you, just as it does for other, less reputable thingsâ?¦ such asâ?¦ having to take out the trash to the back yard.

Beaver: A woman, because they dam everything. I thinkâ?¦

Better Half: Significant other (wife/husband). Because obviouslyâ?¦

Blew The Doors Off: Car drove by at a high-speedâ?¦ duh

Catch You On The Flip Flop: Iâ??ll see you when you get back. I think because flip refers to the other sideâ?¦ not sure where the flop comes in.

County Mounty: A sheriff, donâ??t think it relates, but it sounds funny.

Coming In Loud And Proud: Strong CB signal, suppose theyâ??re happy to be heard.

Chicken Coup: Weighing station, probably because they all get cooped up togetherâ?¦ like chickens.

Dragon Fly: A vehicle that drags going up hill, then flies going down. Cleverâ?¦

Double Nickel: 55 mph speed limit, wouldnâ??t it be eleven nickels?

Four Wheeler: A regular car, which is odd. Most sayings try to shorten what it is they are describing, but here not so much.

Granny Lane: The slow laneâ?¦ like driving miss daisy.

Hammer Lane: The fast laneâ?¦ I wonder if they say â??Itâ??s Hammer Time!â? I would.

Handle: Refers to the CB nickname. How do you want to be handled?

Meat Wagon: An ambulance. Just a little disrespectful to those inside.

Motion Lotion: Gasoline or Diesel. I for some reason thought of something else.

Parking Lot: A truck hauling cars. Oddly, I knew what it was before I read more.

Pole Cat: A skunk, which makes little sense unless in reference to itâ??s stripe.

Salt Shaker: A snow plow. What would the peppershaker be then?

Shake The Bushes: Drive ahead of the others to draw out the bears. Just as it sounds.

Taking Pictures: Police using radars. I generally donâ??t like to have my picture taken by strangers.

10-4: Ok/copy.

10-33: Emergency.

10-20: Location.

10-36: What is the correct time.

At this point you should have enough knowledge about the jargon used on the road, especially by truckers. If you have a CB radio, you are invited to partake in the shenanigans so long as you first ask if the line is free for use. Truckers drive endless miles throughout their trucking career, so anything to pass the time and make it more enjoyable is welcome. But thatâ??s the way of the road, and the road is at times, a temperamental mistress.

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