Clock Solitaire+ – A Solitaire Game With A Twist – Written Review

Icon for 'Clock Solitaire+'Clock Solitaire+ by Jeremy Moeder is ideal to pass the time away. But it’s no ordinary game of solitaire . . .

This game is a spin off of the standard game of solitaire in that it has a novel twist – the game is in the shape of a clock. This makes it ideal for all ages to pass the time away, or perhaps you’d like your children to become more familiar with the analogue clock layout. Nowadays everything has gone digital and it is surprising how many young children look at an analogue clock layout as if it’s some alien time code. This app if perfect for fixing this issue. Sometimes it is refreshing to download a simple, straight forward app, without all the added functionality that can make a simple concept into a button strewn graphical menu layout nightmare. Let’s face it, most of us just don’t have the time to get into games that require training and layout familiarisation.

Clock Solitaire+ is an app that keeps things neat and simple. If these promo codes get snapped up, never mind as the app is only priced at under $1 and an App Store link is at the bottom of this post. Not just an ordinary version of the game of solitaire.


 Screenshots for Clock Solitaire Plus



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