Can Your HP Ink Cartridge Expire Before Date?

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Hewlett- Packard is one of the most trusted computer brands the market has to offer. They have produced excellent and highly efficient results over the years.

It is well know that HP has expiry dates for their ink cartridges. Some HP inkjet printers however, use cartridges that expire 12 or 24 months following the completion of warranty, some 18 to 30 months after installation. There are models that have a simple override process that can be used to carry on printing with an expired ink cartridge. The good thing is only a few ink supplies contain an expiration date, so there are rare chances that this will affect your printing process.

What does expiration of ink cartridges signify?

Essentially ink expiration is in-built dates on it which indicate when the HP cartridge will stop working. Air intake and water desertion can cause significant metamorphosis in ink overtime. In printing systems that have the print head and ink reservoir split, older ink can unfavorably cause failure in the print head and the ink release mechanism contained by the printer. Through ink expiration dates, however, a company can successfully avoid this phenomenon from occurring.

Why the need for expiration dates?

Why does a company publicize expiration dates? It is fairly simple, in order to guard the printer from harm and guarantee quality print outs. It acts as a sort of safeguard against forces that can cause damage to the printer and subsequent process .If the ink in the cartridge has not been depleted by the date of expiration; it either halts operations or exhibits a message of caution which can be easily overridden. But as previously stated, most HP ink supplies do not have any sort of ink expiration dates.

Steps to disable timers for HP ink cartridges:

1. Pay close attention to the indication lights situated on the printer. If you notice two lights blinking on the control panel, the two being the â??powerâ?? and â??resumeâ?? lights; along with one of the cartridge lights it indicates an expired cartridge. You will also receive an error message from the printer on your computerâ??s screen.

2. Press and keep holding down the â??powerâ?? button also continuing to press the â??resumeâ?? button for three consecutive times. The second light will stop blinking and the cartridge light will go out.

3. Carry on with the printing process till your cartridge finally runs out of the ink and the reservoir gets depleted. Pay close attention to your printouts attentively and substitute the old cartridge with a new one if you notice a lapse in the quality of the imagery.

You can also perform a simple override procedure. The instructions are pronounced in the specified cartridge user manual and also in the printerâ??s error message showcased on the home screen. You need not be an expert or computer technician to conduct this process. The user guides illustrate the method clearly enough for anyone to follow and operate. HP continues to produce world-class products with a truly high customer satisfaction. A minor glitch cannot stain the brand that is Hewlett- Packard.

James Hanning has authored this guest post. He works as a technology consultant and suggests using HP ink cartridges for more efficient printing and saving money on it.


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  1. After having used many brands of ink cartridges, I too agree that HP is a reputable brand that definitely lives up to it’s standards. I find that the genuine HP ink cartridges far outweigh the recycled/remanufactured products – in the sense that they last longer. Durability wise, they last long enough to print through stacks of paper.
    Great article – however the author could of researched more on HP versus other brands, and why it is that HP is so renowned in this cartridge industry.

  2. HP ink cartridges by far are my favourite, not just because of the brand but also the marksmanship of the design and output. I’m currently situated in Australia, the link that the author has provided for HP ink cartridges navigates to a reputable online shop currently by the name of Cartridgesale. These guys sell genuine cartridges as well as remanufactured ones, but like Setsu mentioned above – Why go for remanufactured when so many things can go wrong whilst printing?! You may as well buy genuine cartridges and not have to worry about quality… EVER…

  3. Expiration dates? The HP ink cartridges that I bought online certainly do not have the expiration date on it!! Whether or not that is a good or bad thing, I can only assume that these cartridges can be used until the end of time – what would be good is to see another posts on using expired HP ink.

  4. I’ve never bought a HP printer but my current Epson printer is just too finicky and unpredictable to use, so I’m throwing it out. The best printer I’ve ever had was a Canon printer.

    My old Canon printer was small and just printed in black, so it saved me money on having to buy colour cartridges. It was low maintenance and was a workhorse with very little foul ups or print problems.

    If anyone can recommend a compact, black ink only, reliable printer that hooks up to a Mac easily please let me know, as I’m on the look out for a new printer this month.

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