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This app offers an ideal way to simplify tax recording proceedures. No more lugging books and sheets of paper around to work out your tax. Now you can work on your tax records on the move or at your convenience . . .

Who actually enjoys working out complicated tax returns and paying recording? Well, I haven’t met anyone who enjoys it yet, apart from accountants who wouldn’t do it if they weren’t being paid to do it. Well, the good news is that this app makes tax calculations seem like a breeze. Don’t wait until the end of the year to trawl through all your paperwork, use CalculatorTax to keep track of tax percentages and it won’t be so much of a headache when your tax returns need filling in.

A whole host of functions are included in CalculatorTax. Such as copy & paste functions, adjustable rounding up and down modes, landscape oriented paper tape, up to 10 digits allowed and also a two line display mode. This app, by Digital Mind is only a mere $.99 to buy and will save you a few headaches for sure. Great for tax recording and many other uses.


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