Cal Pow Dash


Cal Pow Dash is a free runner game created by Callum Mackay.

In this game you play as Cal Pow, a hero running to save his Princess. Along the way you’ll have to navigate through obstacles ranging from doors, snakes, knights, and many other things. While trying to stay alive you’ll also have the opportunity to collect gems.

Gems can be used once the game is over to upgrade Cal Pow so that you can get even further. You can also buy a Survival Game Mode with gems.

In addition to collecting gems while playing, you will also be able to collect power-ups that temporarily make you invincible or give you the ability to fly.

Mission Accomplished

This game has a nice atmosphere to it and its free. Definitely job well done on the developer’s part.

Room to improve

The door obstacles have three different positions where they show up, left, middle or right. These positions aren’t as aligned with the center of the screen as I would like and navigating through them sometimes feels awkward. But it’s certainly not a deal-breaker.


If you enjoy playing action games or runner games then you should give Cal Pow Dash a try. Even gamers that enjoy playing Call of Duty: Nazi Zombies or Super Hexagon might enjoy this game, because it’s all about beating your last high score and seeing how far you can get.

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Size: NAN
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Cheerful Graphics
Level content
Upgrades and powerups
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