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There are many move the block type games out there, but what if you could use blocks as weapons? What if there was a game that transformed the humble blocks, block by block,  into something unique and never seen before. Well, such as game exists and it’s called ‘Blocks Hurt!’

‘Blocks Hurt!’ by Luca Guisti makes it possible to manoeuvre and use blocks, block by block, in ways never seen before in games. Firstly, you don’t just get a stack of static blocks, you have to unchain blocks and you can hurl them at the huge array of freaky monsters that attack you, such as evil pumpkins and flying abominations. You also have a choice to use the blocks defensively. There is also a choice of battle types, such as collecting blocks, a wall building battle type, a time based battle and also a battle where you have to go after the big boss.

If you get pumped up by monster juice the game goes to another level . . . you become bestowed with special powers! You can choose to unleash your power and freeze or even electrocute your enemy as well as having other powers to choose from.

There are 90 levels which are challenging, along with 4 different battle types and 5 bosses to defeat. This game is usually priced at $2.99 at the time of writing this review. A unique twist on our use of blocks, block by block, in games -a real blockbuster!



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