This app review is for ‘BigFatBooth’ by Toccata Technologies, which is a free iPhone app aimed at making you look fatter. You can take a photo, use a photo from your existing photo library or use one of the existing models provided to bloat out and add 50 pounds or so to their weight.

The facial recognition cursors I found were very accurate and I didn’t need to manually adjust them. In this review I fattened up one of my friends and also used some of the provided model photos. You need to have a front facing photo with good light to achieve a crisp and convincing effect. I liked the slider control which gives you the option of controlling the amount of weight your victim gains. The main advantage BigFatBooth has over some other similar apps is that it is completely free. In the review I also distort a face which I found to be a kind of bonus game, getting friends to guess who it is, although this usage isn’t specified in the developer’s description and was just me playing around and having fun. You can add a double-chin and even SMS, email or send the photo to friends via social networks. Friends will love this app and your enemies will hate it. All in all, I had really good fun using this app and had a few laughs over the results too.

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