Best iPhone Apps for Work on-the-Go or Good Clean Fun

Since I got my IPhone, it seems the line between work and play has got a lot thinner.

This is probably because I get such a kick out of the apps I use for work that it almost feels like play. For all those who are looking to get better organized but enjoy a bit of play after work hours, and still nurture their creative side, I’ve made a little list of my top 2 IPhone apps for work, play and creativity.

iPhone apps for work or on the go









Tungle. me– this app has dramatically changed the way I schedule my appointments. Now that there’s an IPhone app, time scheduling-on-the go is finally not verging on impossible. No more going through tons of emails before a convenient time can be found or trying to work out time zones when you’re too busy to even know your own.

Skype – conference calls, video meetings, or job interviewing are also things that often have to be done out of the office. There is no video conference call yet or share screen option for IPhone, but you can still view the screen if your contact uses Windows or Mac OS X. Call quality will depend on your WiFi or 3G network connection but Skype is still in my top 2 work apps.

All work and no Play? Here are my top to play apps

Draw Something -This is an app that caters to my creative impulses as well as ensuring a bit of fun with friends or a long distance loved one. You get a word and do your best to represent it in your drawing and then send it to your friend to guess it. Not really a competitive but rather a cooperative little game, perfect for a bit of stress-free fun.

SongPop – Another game where you get to send challenges to your friends or even random music loving strangers. The aim of the game is to recognize the tune and name the artist or the song. Playlists vary, from latest rap to nostalgic classics or love songs.

Iphone apps to get Creative

Green Screen Studio – With this app you can choose or take photos and remove the background. Why I found it amazing? Because you get to add in new backgrounds from your library of wallpapers and photos. Just think, you can finally prove your granddad was on the Moon!

Squiggles – And if just the background change is not enough, with this app you get to doodle on a selected image or photo from your album. You can decorate your pics with overlay images and special stamp brushes.

Well, your list might differ but if you’re an IPhone owner you will agree a top 2 list is not that easy to make. Mostly because new apps are appearing all the time, and range from fun audio and video apps to very useful finance apps. The apps I’ve listed are fun and easy to use which surely helps to secure their place at the top.

Ella is writer and blogger, loves to explore and write about various technology and internet trends. Since she got her iPhone she is interested in everything related to its apps and features.

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