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proXPN is a very popular VPN service. In fact it has even been featured on Life Hacker as one of the top five VPN services. So if youâ??re trying to look for a reliable VPN solution, then proXPN is a good choice.

Although the mobile app is free, the service itself isnâ??t. proXPN only offers free VPN plans for computer users.  However for just $6.25 a month you can recieve the premium plan. The premium plan offers maximum VPN speeds of up to 1,000Mbps, access to multiple worldwide VPN servers, iOS and Android support, and 24/7 customer support.

The mobile app for iOS requires that you long in with a premium service. Once youâ??ve logged in you can select â??Setup proXPN VPN.â? This will install a VPN profile on your iDevice. When I tested the application it installed NY, LA, Seattle, Netherland, Singapore, Dallas TX, and UK VPN connections.

Turning on the iPhoneâ??s VPN option I was able to browse the internet, watch videos, and listen to music anonymously and securely. For people that donâ??t know what a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is, itâ??s a protocol that allows you to browse the internet via another server.

If you donâ??t use a VPN to browse the internet your ISP, and the website that you visit, will both know what your IP address is and your browsing history; however if you use a VPN, all your data will first go to an anonymous server and then to the site youâ??re trying to access. If you use a VPN the sites you access will only know your VPN serverâ??s IP address, and your ISP will not be able to track your internet browsing.

Similarly if you might live in Germany and you canâ??t access Hulu due to country restrictions. If you connect to a US server via a VPN, Hulu will think youâ??re accessing them from the US.

So having VPN functionality on your computer and phone is definitely an advantage to using the internet and bypassing country restrictions. It gives users the anonymity, security, and bypassing features that they need.

Mission Accomplished

YouTube videos loaded quickly, internet browsing speed was fine for a VPN, and Pandora worked as well. However the speed of your VPN connection is limited by the speed of your Wifi or cellular service. I only tested the VPN connection through my homeâ??s Wifi. If youâ??re using 3G you can expect that the speeds will be slower.

Room to improve

I wasnâ??t able to find anything wrong with this app or service. It would be nice if the app had a speedtest that could test the fasted server for you to use. Other than that, the VPN service is perfect.


If youâ??re accessing your email and other important accounts while connected through public Wifi, youâ??re at risk to be hacked and snooped on. Even your Internet Service Provider can snoop on you. If youâ??re interested in browsing anonymously and securely, then using a VPN is a good idea. proXPN is one of the best VPN providers out there, and I highly for people looking for a VPN service.

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