Australian Businessman to Build Titanic Replica

Amongst the various online offerings you might encounter on the web, like ads to click here for Mustang parts and articles on CJ Pony Mustang seats, you might have noticed that this is the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

If you were to try and think of a good business decision, then you would probably not decide on building a replica of the Titanic. After all, if anything is a byword for hubris, design flaws and complete and utter disaster, it is that famous ship. With this year being the centenary of its sinking, surely it is the very worst time to even consider such a thing, with its history even fresher in the mind? Not so, according to billionaire Australian business man Clive Palmer.

The Titanic II

With a fortune made from mining and other national resources, Palmer also has tourism assets such as a luxury resort. In order to increase these holdings he announced in April that he intended to build a replica of the Titanic.

Palmerâ??s plan schedules construction to start in 2013, with the maiden voyage of the Titanic II to take place in 2016. A company, Blue Star Line Ltd, has already been formed, and Chinaâ??s CSC Jinling Shipyard will be building the ship.

While the design will be close to the original, they have made some alterations to allow for more efficiency and maneuverability. Like the original, he intends the Titanic II to feature the very best in luxury and comfort. With over 1500 deaths when the original sank, it is unsurprising that safety is a paramount concern with the Titanic II.

Previous Projects

This is not the first time such a replica has been proposed. Popular Mechanics suggested the required changes in 1998, concluding with changes that would be hidden below the waterline a safe replica would be feasible albeit at a cost of twice what it takes to build a cruise ship today.

In 2000 a South African businessman Sarel Gous proposed building a replica with a projected cost of £500 million. Like with the Palmer plan, as exact a replica as possible was intended, with, of course, sufficient lifeboats. In November of the same year he announced the project would go ahead, but in 2006 it was scrapped. Notably, the last survivor of the sinking Millvina Dean stated she was not in favor of the plan. Since her death in 2009 there are no living survivors to give their views on Palmerâ??s replica.

Whether or not the project will come to fruition remains to be seen, but there is no doubt many will wonder if it is tempting fate to seek to rebuild the iconic ship.

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  1. Rebuilding the Titanic? Wow…that’s a shockingly amazing project taken up by this Australian businessman! 😀 I’m sure there will be a lot many excited people from across the globe to experience what it actually feels like to be travelling in the dream ship ‘Titanic’!! 🙂

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