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Art is a common aspect of almost every culture and has grown and changed with civilization and society. Art work is only now be fully studied and preserved by enthusiasts, organisations and other groups hoping to keep it alive for future generations.

This has also allowed the categorising of art work into several periods. There is art that dates back before history was really recorded in an era named Prehistory, this was anywhere from 25000 years ago to 8000. There are a lot of categories of art to match human history this includes Ancient Art to Renaissance art and now modern art.

Prehistory art work was quite crude and consisted of cave paintings and it is said they had a type of musical art that involved humming. This would have been done with things easily found at hand unlike later art. This art was done while humans were still nomadic and before agriculture was discovered and used. It was only after this discovery that people had more time to do things like art that it evolved to new levels.

This new level was started in places like Mesopotamia and Egypt where because of their geographical location they could farm etc. This gave them more time for creating art and a perfect example of this is in Egypt. Egypt was one if the super powers of the Ancient World and provided several impressive pieces of art to the modern world in the form of Pyramids and other monuments associated with their pharaohs and the afterlife.

This is the start but several other civilisations like the Greeks and Romans were fond or art, a lot their art work can still be seen today. This continued till the dark ages when lots of art work was destroyed and the great empire of Rome fell. This ended art work progression for a while until the Renaissance which begun a whole new era of technology and art. This was the time when many famous artists lived including Da Vinci, Michelangelo who produced the Mona Lisa and the Sistine Chapel ceiling respectively. Art has grown even since this time and lead to the modern definition which includes several forms including things like architecture, music, paintings, sculptures and to a lesser extent some literature.

Art has progressed over the years evolving from crude cave paintings, megalithic statues to more refined paintings and sculptures to what it is today encompassing a vast amount of styles. Through the efforts of modern art work enthusiasts we can now see the progression of art over history and throughout different civilisations.


So, what about modern art collecting?

How can you find a collection of interesting art from up and coming artists? Well, in an age where you can buy a disc or download thousands of images to use in graphic design, it would perhaps be best to hunt around for a really good artist whose artwork really stands out from mainstream art, such as Breka Rama’s art below. He uses pen on worx board to produce outstanding, original and striking works of art. Here are some examples of Breka’s work: Breka Rama has a Facebook Fanpage where you can view further examples of his work.

Guest post.

Breka's artwork



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