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‘AroundCal – from Event to Task’ . . . It’s not just a run of the mill yearly calendar, in fact it’s something quite different.

‘Around Cal – from Event to Task’ by Diethard Seiferth is a high quality app that will make your standard calendar look very basic in comparison. There are multiple features included in this app for scheduling and managing tasks that you are guaranteed to have every task management tool and feature you’ll ever need in this astounding app,

First of all, at first glance, don’t make the mistake of thinking that this is just another variation of the standard yearly calendar you are supplied with on your device. In fact it’s very different. You can add photos to tasks, image tags and even voice memos. Uncompleted tasks can be given different priority ratings and if you don’t complete the task on the planned day, you can easily move the task to the present day. You can organise your tasks within projects, which you can also prioritise. If you don’t know what day to schedule your tasks or projects, no problem, as you can categorise them as ‘Someday projects/tasks’.

There is even a birthday alarm included. You can record actions, such as for real working hours, send them via an email attachment and you can record any amount of breaks. In fact, there are too many features to list in this description without making your head spin. If you want to see all of the features of this app you can click on the App Store Link in this post to see all the extras you get in this app.

The good news is that even a user manual is included in this app. So throw away the Filofax and scraps of paper filling your desk drawers. This app is a task management tool on steroids!

This app is priced at $9.99 on the App Store, which I think is reasonable for a professionally put together app of this standard and quality. I can’t imagine how long this app, with so many features, would have taken to program. A yearly calendar on steroids! However, for those of you hesitant as to whether this app is the right tool for you, there is also a free version available for sampling some of the features included.



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